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Marijuana Business Consulting

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“Canna Advisors have helped entrepreneurs realize opportunities and open doors in the cannabis industry across North America. As the industry matures, leaders with vision will emerge and Canna Advisors will be on the leading edge of this exciting social and economic revolution.”

Tim Keogh, CEO,
AmeriCann, Inc.

Canna Advisors has been operating in this space since the earliest days of the medical marijuana industry as owners of our own medical marijuana businesses: winning licenses, building out our facilities and honing our cultivation and operational skills.

As a leading marijuana consulting group, we are deeply involved and connected with groups who are affecting legislation and policy-making in the cannabis industry and are committed to assisting you in all facets of your start-up business. The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding and there is tremendous upside potential for growth and profits.

Additionally, ancillary businesses are already starting to see the potential, and are jumping in with products, security solutions, new technology, and more. We know how to support your success because we know what to buy, how to set it up, who to hire and what practices have been proven to be successful.

Interested in helping your business grow? Learn more about our business development services.

Submitting a Cannabis License Application

Cannabis Documentation

Applying for and obtaining your local and state licenses is your first hurdle to starting your own cannabis business. Consultants at Canna Advisors have each submitted and procured licenses and have assisted clients in other states to successfully apply for their own. The process is complex and your goal is to be an early winner in the quest for first-round licenses in your area. You may not have another opportunity for years.

Each state has its own marijuana licensing requirements: for building plans, operating procedures, product offerings, operational practices, facility locations, security features, etc. Our expert business consultants will assist you in completing all the segments of the license application accurately. You’ll need to present your best ideas and have a consistent narrative to submit a successful final draft of your application. Read more about the License Application Process.

Facility Design Consultation

Indoor Cannabis Facility

One area where Canna Advisors outshines the rest is in facility design and construction. We have in-house experts in cannabis cultivation and a background in commercial construction and development. We know how to reach the big gram-per-watt numbers effectively, without time it may take while you experiment with new methods and pour dollars into testing.

Learn more about:

  • Cultivation: This is the heart of your business and you need to get the most production possible out of your facility. Do you know about soil chemistry, plant heath, and proper harvesting techniques?
  • Manufacturing: What’s the latest technology and how can you enrich the growth cycle of various strains to produce consistently year-round. What are the industry standards and regulatory requirements? What about tracking technology?
  • Dispensary: How do you hire and manage an efficient sales staff, contain costs, build customer loyalty, market your product and brand your business?

We’ve worked with industry-leading professionals to create facility designs that can give you an edge over the competition. Think we can help? Learn more about our Facility Design consultation services.

Investor Advisement

Cannabis Investment Team

The marijuana industry is new. There may not be reliable financial statements to analyze, you may not know what credentials or experience the management needs, or what regulations may impact your investment. It can be challenging to find the background information you will need to make a prudent decision and where should you go to find answers?

Canna Advisors has the solutions to satisfy your concerns, provide connections and guide you in making a decision that will maximize your return. Read more about Investor Advisement.

Canna Advisors has helped hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs start and grow their cannabis business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you start or grow your businesses well.

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