Canna Advisors Monthly Update – July Highlights

Diane Czarkowski
July 11, 2016

July Update

Canna Advisors has been in business now for three and a half years. In that time we have worked in 15 state markets and Canada, helped 15 clients obtain licenses to cultivate, process, and dispense cannabis in competitive markets. We have designed over 30 facilities, negotiated countless agreements with companies in the space, mentored dozens of start-ups, and written zero newsletters.

Canna Advisors

Canna Advisors

You are currently reading the first of many monthly updates from Canna Advisors; in them you will find industry updates, currently pending legislation, a piece of humor from my personal repertoire, company news and in the future selective market analyses. As this is our first newsletter we value any feedback. Please send comments to

Enjoy July,
Jay Czarkowski


Jay’s Joke of the Month
The difference between a stoned driver and a drunk driver: “Drunk drivers speed through red lights, while stoned drivers sit at stop signs waiting for them to turn green.”


Save the Dates and Catch Up with Canna Advisors

JULY 11: Ricky Williams Laurel Rosebud Golf Invitational

JULY 14: NCIA Quarterly Cannabis Caucus

JULY 14: United for Care Summer Policy Conference

JULY 15: 9th Annual Boulder Tube to Work Day

JULY 28: World’s Largest Cannabis Career Fair

Budding News

Google Preparing to Work With the Cannabis Industry 

Colorado Wholesale Recreational Prices Tumbling


Meet the New Dream Team!

unnamed-1Bob Wagener
VP of Business Development
unnamed-2Marcy Leventhal
Managing Consultant



Industry Intrigue

Hawaii Dispensaries to Open Later This Year


Medical Marijuana in Maryland 


Legislative Lowdown

Alaska HB75 is due back from the governor on 7/28. The bill allows villages to prohibit marijuana operations and limits the number of plants that may be cultivated in in a private residence to 12.

Pennsylvania HB967 was referred to the rules committee on July 1st. The Act will amend the consolidated statutes on agriculture to allow for industrial hemp research.

North Carolina HB992 was presented to the governor on July 1st. The Bill modifies the existing hemp research program by limiting approvable research purposes and expanding the legal responsibilities and potential criminal and civil penalties to licensees.

California AB26 was re-referred to the senate appropriations committee on 6/30. It will require medical marijuana businesses with 20 or more employees to implement an employee training program.

Illinois SB0346 was re-referred to the House Rules Committee on 6/30. It will extend the medical marijuana pilot program until 2020, add PTSD to the approved conditions, remove the requirement that doctors must recommend cannabis, require the creation of a permanent record for patients in the states prescription monitoring program, and will increase the validity of patient cards to three years.

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