Day 12: Days of Thanks / Days of Giving

December 27, 2017

Bob Wagener, Vice President of Business Development, selected the American Red Cross as our next $100 donation in our “Days of Thanks / Days of Giving”.

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We’re all familiar with how the Red Cross assists those affected by major disasters.

In addition to those high profile activities, the Red Cross plays an active role in assisting those in need on a daily basis. They manage blood drives, provide local transportation services and fund many other local level charitable efforts.

“My father managed the Northern New Jersey Chapter of the Red Cross which allowed me to witness first hand the positive impact of many of these programs,” explained Bob. “That is why I’m happy to choose the Red Cross as my charity of choice.”

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Red Cross and Red Crescent teams around the globe have responded to some of the year’s largest and most complex disasters. As 2017 comes to a close, here is a look back at some of the moments that changed us:   (Source: American Red Cross)

red cross backsMore than 100 Red Cross workers from around the world deployed to the United States to help communities devastated by three historic, back-to-back hurricanes—Harvey, Irma, and Maria. (Source: American Red Cross)


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Bob Wagener, Vice President of Business Development at Canna Advisors

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