Day 2: Days of Thanks / Days of Giving

November 22, 2017
boulder food rescue
Garrett Cropsey, one of our technical writers, chose Boulder Food Rescue for his “Days of Thanks / Days of Giving” recipient.


Boulder Food Rescue (BFR) was founded to bring a sustainable, community-oriented solution to the issue of food waste in Boulder and Broomfield counties. BFR coordinates the pickup and distribution of hundreds of pounds of food from over 25 local grocery stores and businesses to over 40 participating recipient locations including non-profits and at-risk populations. Hundreds of volunteers complete these deliveries, the majority of which (82% to date) are completed by bicycle. In total, these efforts have redirected over 2,100,000 lbs. of food to those in need.

food rescue bike in snow

BFR was developed in response to a research project completed by several of the founders at the University of Colorado, Boulder, which demonstrated that enough food is thrown away or otherwise wasted each day to feed everyone who goes hungry in both Boulder and Broomfield counties. Partnering with Ideal Market, their first donor, they developed systems allowing them to provide direct, just-in-time delivery of perishable food to at-risk populations and ease the food budgets of local nonprofits such as the Emergency Family Assistance Association, Meals on Wheels, Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence, and many others. Fruits and vegetables constitute the majority of donated items and, as such, don’t require extensive sorting or storage.

The success of their program prompted them to develop the Food Rescue Alliance project. This program facilitates the development of grassroots food recovery programs in the Rocky Mountain region and around the country based upon the success of BFR’s model and the tools they have developed in support of it. Our donation will help fund the continued distribution of this food and the expansion of their model to other areas.

boulder food rescue cart

Garrett has watched the development of Boulder Food Rescue from its time of inception while he was a student at CU-Boulder and was struck by the amount of food that organizers were able to collect and distribute.

With Garrett’s personal connection the organization and their impact on where he lives and works, BFR was a ready choice for his “Days of Thanks / Days of Giving” selection.

garrett cropsey in meeting

Garrett Cropsey, Technical Writer at Canna Advisors

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