Day 9: Days of Thanks / Days of Giving

December 21, 2017

Tyler Stratford, service veteran and Director of Client Services, selected Mission 22 as the next $100 recipient in our “Days of Thanks / Days of Giving”.

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Every day, over 20 Veterans in America are lost to suicide. That is over 2x the national average for civilians. This is in large part to the surrounding stigma of PTSD and the lack of mental and physical health services provided to veterans after they depart from their service. Mission 22 is united in the war against these odds.


“As a service veteran,” Tyler explained, “I have many friends who I have lost to suicide directly related to their service of this country and many more who are currently struggling to adapt to living with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. While I believe Cannabis is effective in helping to divert veterans from traditional pharmaceutical medications that do not work for a vast majority of them, it is only part a solution. The fact that drugs are so available to veterans to mask — but not fix — the underlying issues they are dealing with is a tragedy and more alternative care methods and mental health support need to be made available to them for free.”
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Mission 22 is dedicated to raising awareness, enlisting support, and ending veteran suicide. They do this through partnering with holistic care facilities and pain management clinics, raising awareness through local grassroots campaigns and social media, lobbying congress for changes to veteran care/support/benefits, and helping to seek out alternative treatments. They have even gone as far as to have a traveling memorial called “War at Home” that moves around the country to promote awareness of the issue.

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“I personally, like the reach and awareness of this company and its cause,” Tyler continued. “There are a lot of veteran-focused non-profits out there, this one resonates with me and my battle buddies. It has directly saved the lives of people I have served with.”
tyler stratford blue suit

Tyler Stratford, Director of Client Services at Canna Advisors

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Tyler, at far left, and fellow servicemen.

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