Days of Thanks / Days of Giving: Day 7

December 4, 2018

Days of Thanks / Days of Giving: Day 7

Victoria Trusty and Greg Huffaker III have chosen two impactful charities for our Days of Thanks / Days of Giving holiday gift-giving campaign.

Victoria chose the Global Poverty Project to donate to, which is an international nonprofit that aims to educate and advocate to end extreme poverty. They are creating resources to educate people on how to help make a difference to end issues created by severe poverty all over the world. Some of their projects include Live Below the Line fundraising campaign that challenged people to live as though they were below the poverty line for 5 days to learn how hard life can be from first-hand experience. They also have Global Citizen, which is an online educational platform that helps connect people to ways that they can contribute to solving global poverty issues such as Girls and Women’s rights, health, education, food & hunger, water & sanitation, and other global environmental issues.

Global Citizen also hosts a music festival in NYC to help bring people together and raise money for all of the charities promoted on their platform. I personally use their platform to sign petitions for issues that align with my moral compass and beliefs and to educate myself on issues that need our attention! It is a great resource and I wholly support their efforts of advocacy!
GPP logo

Greg chose a local Boulder charity for his donation, the Boulder County Aids Project (BCAP). The mission of the BCAP is to provide support, advocacy and education to those in our community who are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS, and to serve as an outreach and information center to prevent the further transmission of HIV. Until there is a cure, BCAP works to improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS, minimize HIV transmission, and bring an end to HIV-related stigma in our community.
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