Days of Thanks / Days of Giving: Week 4

December 10, 2019

Our fourth week of Days of Thanks / Days of Giving features four Colorado-based charities. Tuesday, December 10 is #COGives Day, so all of our donations this week go to organizations in our home state! Colorado Gives Day is a statewide movement that supports the nonprofits working to assist our state’s communities — the $1.5 Million Incentive Fund increases the value of our donations on this special day.

Mile High Workshop

VP of Marketing Lisa Jordan chose Mile High Worksop as her charity of choice. The Mile High Workshop (MHW) offers transitional employment and training opportunities for people in our community experiencing barriers to employment due to criminal backgrounds, incarceration and/or recovery from homelessness and addictions. Providing support for marginalized and underemployed people in our community can make a significant impact on the quality of life for individuals and the overall community.

She first became aware of their work at Denver Flea where they were selling cutting boards and cheese knives that were made in the workshop. The beautiful craftsmanship first caught her eye, then their story and mission made her want to learn more about them.

“I think of their mission every time I use my cutting board and knife set, so the workshop was top-of-mind when we needed a resource to make shopping bags from leftover vinyl banners. They did a great job up-cycling our materials into high-quality, reusable totes!”

The mission of MHW overlaps with the advocacy work of Canna Advisors and the cannabis industry, overall, in finding ways to help people who have been incarcerated for minor marijuana possession.

Youth on Record

This program is very near and dear to Sales Support Specialist Madison Stratford. Youth on Record helps at-risk youth in Denver’s most vulnerable communities to develop coping skills, ignite inspiration, and provide career opportunities through music education. The Anschutz Foundation donated state-of-the-art studios and equipment, which is providing young people with a safe alternative to harmful and delinquent behavior.

“Every minute that a vulnerable teen spends at our facility is a minute that they could otherwise be engaging in harmful behaviors – including substance use and abuse, harmful interactions with law enforcement, fighting and gang-related activities, and truancy.”

The community is part of La Alma/Lincoln Park, where nearly half live below the poverty line. Many of their students attend DPS intensive pathways schools, serving at-risk youth challenged by low attendance and graduation rates. 

They host an annual block party in Denver, where young local artists have a chance to showcase their music, network with business leaders in the music industry, and have a chance to tell their stories to the public. Music is so powerful and far-reaching.  You can listen to their music here.

Colorado Water Trust

Ryan Conarroe chose to donate to the Colorado Water Trust on #GivingTuesday 2019.

Colorado Water Trust (CWT) is a non-profit conservation organization based in the state of Colorado. Its mission is to engage in and support voluntary, market-based efforts to restore and protect streamflows using permanent acquisitions of water, leases of water, and physical solutions.

CWT is also a resource to Colorado land trusts encountering water issues in connection with their land conservation activities. In 18 years, CWT has returned approximately 11.5 billion gallons of water to over 400 miles of streams and rivers in Colorado. Ryan appreciates the work CWT does to support Colorado’s natural resources and our beautiful environment.

Bridge House

Legal Intern Dillon Slagle chose Bridge House in Boulder because they focus on providing the three pillars most people need to end their homeless experience; food, housing, and a path to employment with a living wage. Additionally, they have a 4 Star rating on Charity Navigator and spend more than 90% of their budget directly on their programs (based on 2017 data).

In particular, their ‘Ready to Work’ program provides comprehensive support and coaching, a paying job, as well as one full year of housing and meals. The program is highly effective and most participants do not require support following this program.


Bridge House is local, compassionate, and effective, making them an ideal choice for our Days of Thanks / Days of Giving.


Be sure to check our blog next week for more team member charity choices!

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