Talking with Students about the Cannabis Industry

Diane Czarkowski
February 10, 2016

Regulatory Specialist, Bethany Niebauer talks with a class of high school students from North Carolina

This morning Canna Advisors’ Regulatory Specialist, Bethany Niebauer spoke with a high school class in North Carolina about the cannabis industry. Here are her reflections:

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking, (via FaceTime), with a group of high school students from Northwest Guilford High School, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their teacher, (who was also my teacher many years ago), asked me to participate in a question and answer session to educate his students ahead of a classroom debate on the topic of cannabis legalization. We spent a little more than half an hour discussing federalism, the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, international treaties, banking regulations, drug policy, the Cole Memo, the Ogden Memo, medical ethics, economics, and marijuana’s impact on the environment. The range of questions was very broad and I was pleasantly surprised at their ability and willingness to examine cannabis legalization on such a grand scale.

These students were clearly very bright and had spent a fair amount of time preparing and educating themselves on what to ask. I was also impressed that they allowed themselves to be persuaded; their minds were open, they were engaged and they wanted to learn. I have fond memories of Mr. Coley’s AP U.S. Government class and I’m thrilled to see young people so enthused about politics and government. If these students are our future, then legalization proponents have nothing to fear.

The team at Canna Advisors is always happy to speak to groups about the cananbis industry. We feel it is our responsibility to share our insights and expertise to further their understanding as the world embraces legalization.

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