Brennan Thicke (Milkman Collective)

High Stakes Requires the Right Expertise

Brennan came to us as an experienced cannabis industry operator. He knew the cannabis industry, but also knew that he was not a technical writer and that he needed help navigating the regulatory elements of a license application.

He knew the stakes were high and that being successful in operations did not necessarily equate to being successful at winning a license. Brennan was also aware that state regulations coming online in the imminent future meant that the requirements of operating a compliant business in California were changing, so it made sense to engage experts in both operations and compliance to help with his application. Once he knew what he needed, he set out to find those experts and after much research and due diligence, found Canna Advisors.

Navigating the New Regulatory Complexity in California

With a keen eye toward impending state regulations, the Canna Advisors team was able to guide Brennan through the requirements of a compliant operational process and how to convey this detail successfully in an application. In fact, the Canna Advisors license application was so successful that Brennan received a perfect score and his application materials were then used as the scoring rubric for the other submitted applications.

The Canna Advisors team went above and beyond to help Brennan succeed by putting together both a presentation for his application and a presentation for investors. Canna Advisors was able to ensure that both presentations featured Brennan’s key messaging, while focusing the content on the intended audience. For the presentation to the city, the Canna team included photos of Brennan’s family and his partner’s family, to add a human touch to the application and show a connection to the local area.

By applying the voice of national experience to the project, the Canna Advisors team was able to identify and address deeper issues that others haven’t yet been exposed to or successfully navigated.

Results Lead to an Extended Relationship

The relationship with Brennan and his company started with financial modeling and developing his business plan.

With new local application processes in California markets and pending state-level regulations, the Canna Advisors team was able to help Brennan anticipate and plan for multiple licensing scenarios because of Canna’s nationwide experience in competitive application processes. Applying a depth of knowledge from similar markets gave Brennan confidence in his outcome.

After a success early in the relationship, the Canna Team has been engaged to help Brennan with additional local California applications and is now a preferred vendor for anything related to license applications and business modeling.

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