Expansion Services

Your Growth is Our Focus

In this rapidly evolving industry, one of the most common goals among existing operators is to grow into new markets or establish additional locations. Canna Advisors helps to scale businesses by adapting existing policies and procedures to be compliant in new markets. In addition, we can help to hire and train the talent needed to operate new businesses successfully.

Standardized Operations

Canna Advisors works with businesses to standardize their operations. This creates the foundation for improving efficiency and creating replicable processes for multiple locations or for future license expansion into new markets. Our approach is a collaborative effort of best practices tailored to the needs of your business.

  • Compliance audits
  • Staff training and development
  • Inventory control
  • Recordkeeping

Market Evolution

When a new cannabis market opens, it often begins as a limited medical cannabis program and then expands over time to serve a larger patient base, allow for more licenses or in some cases expand to a full adult-use market. Canna Advisors can help businesses adapt with these transitions and remain competitive.

  • Documenting standard operating procedures
  • Adapting business practices to ensure compliance in different states
  • Advancing product offerings, labeling, and packaging to meet different state requirements
  • Customizing facility design

Navigating Change

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and operators frequently need assistance incorporating new types of products, adjusting for increased volume or converting to full-scale adult-use markets. Over the last several years, Canna Advisors has helped clients navigate these challenging transitions by adapting or altering existing procedures to adequately scale their business from smaller, more limited markets to larger-volume markets.

  • Inventory controls
  • Recording keeping and archiving practices
  • Cash handling procedures
  • Regular auditing
  • Comprehensive staffing plans

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