Operations Management

Handing Over the Keys & the Headaches

After putting a lot of time and resources into winning your licenses and getting your operation started, you may be ready to hand off the day-to-day operations to someone else. The Canna Advisors team is equipped to handle the full management of your ongoing operations and care for your investment.

By trusting the experienced Canna Advisors team to provide turnkey services, you will drive the value of your investment and avoid the headaches and common pitfalls of owners who are new to the cannabis industry.

In addition to making sure the staffing plan places the right people at high risk points, Canna Advisors will handle everything from executive management, hiring and training to compliance, accounting, procurement, and marketing. In our role as operator and advisor, the industry leaders at Canna Advisors can teach you the ins and outs of the industry and connect you with valuable industry resources.

Cultivation: A Large-Scale & High-Value Investment

A key factor in successful cultivation operations is moving beyond a small-scale mentality, which requires a team mentality to the process versus being controlled by one person.

Large-scale environments must be people focused and have the right people at high-risk points of the cycle to care for your investment and provide value to the process. Having people focused in specific areas working together as a team produces the best product, consistent quality and highest value by treating each step as an investment.

Relying on the Canna Advisors team for operations management can help you avoid mistakes that have cost some first-time operators to produce a product with such poor quality that the entire first harvest had to be thrown away.

Manufacturing: Proactive Management & Balance

Turning raw materials into product is the value-add step in the middle of supply chain. As such, staffing with experienced operators with the right mindset for just-in-time inventory management is key to effective and efficient management. Coordinating with raw materials suppliers and getting product to dispensary customers on a timely and reliable basis is required for long-term success. Proactive management with clients is required to align and balance your supply of raw materials with demand from your clients.

Likewise, quality control and quality assurance are critical. Careful processes and testing must be followed to eliminate contaminants and make sure the final product is very pure. At every step of the process, staff must and always be mindful that people ingest the product. Manufacturing operators must know their suppliers to get the same output and assure consistency of strength of the product. The Canna Advisors team can recruit and train the right people with the right backgrounds—such as food scientists, chemistry background, and petroleum engineers—to manage all aspects of product quality.

Efficiency in product handling can also have a significant impact on manufacturing output. Even a small amount of product left on a spatula from sloppy handling practices could cost you hundreds of dollars that can add up to thousands of dollars a day through waste and reducing the amount you produce.

We can help you identify the key steps throughout the manufacturing process and plug in properly trained people who are experienced operators. They bring their experience to a new location—your location.

Dispensary: Not Your Typical Retail Store

While the latest dispensary designs may make the facility look more like any other retail store, the operations management is much more complex, given the industry regulations. Dispensary owners can avoid the pitfalls and risks of this new business environment.

The Canna Advisors team brings significant dispensary operations management experience in high-volume medical and adult-use markets. Our expertise in dealing with unique situations and forecasting retail trends saves you from unnecessary operating expenses or lost revenue.

We can help you with effective, standardized operations

Our approach is a collaborative effort of best-practices tailored to the needs of your business.

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