Post-License Operation Support

You have a license – now what?

To make the most of your opportunity, Canna Advisors can help you be compliant, efficient, and competitive in the emerging marketplace. We can make you fully aware of areas of greatest risk for mistakes that may be minor or easy to correct in some industries, but can be catastrophic in the cannabis industry.

We’ll guide you through what you MUST do and what you CAN’T do and will help you avoid mistakes that could result in exorbitant fines—or even cost you your license.

Operators who move between medical and recreational categories will find that support needs vary widely because of the service delivery models and complex maze of regulations. Canna Advisors can guide you through the transition and develop operational plans that are tailored to consultative versus high volume business structures, while ensuring that you remain compliant.

With high risk and no room for mistakes, rely on Canna Advisors for trusted advice for post-license operational support. You will be guided by an experienced team who have won licenses and guided startup operations in 25 states, plus Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada.

We’re Not in the Cannabis Industry – We’re in the Compliance Industry

With regulations being a driving factor in the success or failure of a cannabis business, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your state’s regulations and your needs.

The risks of non-compliance are high. In one Colorado county, for example, health safety & security violation fines start at $3,000 for a first offense and escalate to revocation after multiple offenses. Or, for example, a single major recall could not only cost you significant penalties, but also comes with a stigma and loss of trust with your patient and customer base.

Being non-compliant is a symptom of employees working without guidance and consistency that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) deliver. To be successful, the culture of your operation needs to be centered around compliance, with vigilance at each and every step. Without consistency in training, non-compliance habits are perpetuated as improperly-trained older employees train new employees with bad or improper habits.

Moving from a market with no structure and self-regulation to one of full regulation, like California and Michigan, is another high risk point for compliance errors. How do you know your approach to “the right way” is the same as regulators and their analysis? For some inspection violations, there are stiff penalties. For others, there is no second chance. Workgroups need to be adapted and modified to comply with strict regulations and fit real life processes.

We have worked with complex regulations across the US and can help you plan for and navigate your specific state and local regulations. Our team will work with you to develop policies and procedures, employee handbooks, and employees training programs and manuals that will drive a culture of compliance within your organization.

Top 5 Compliance Issues for Dispensaries:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Reporting
  3. Paying taxes
  4. Proper licenses
  5. Illegal sales

You Can Be Efficient & Compliant

If your operation is not efficient, you might have too much staff, too little staff, or staff just standing around. Even worse, customers can be waiting to be helped and not getting the service they expect.

Operators moving from medical to recreational operations need to prepare for a significant shift. While medical operations are consultative and lower-volume as more time is spent with the patient to educate them, recreational operations are high-volume and customers want to get in and out quickly. A medical dispensary could see 100 patients per day, while a recreational facility could see 1,000 customers during a business day. These different models require different workflow, staffing, and training – or you will lose business and be at risk of non-compliance.

The experienced team at Canna Advisors can show you how to be efficient, despite restrictive regulations.

We work with clients to develop highly-detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), detailed workflow development, and workflow analysis. And, we will build out the appropriate team structure, recruit key team members, and establish cross-training protocols. The final step is to help clients prepare for inspection so any outstanding issues can be addressed before they become a problem.

The Market is Growing & So Are The Regulations

In a highly-regulated industry, in which your product mix is determined by regulation, how do you differentiate yourself and not fall into a commoditized price war?

No matter your place in the supply chain, providing a consistent customer experience can set you apart from your competition. And, a consistent customer experience hinges on efficient operations.

For some operators, that experience depends on product formulations. For others, it hinges on brand development and marketing strategy. And, for many operators, having connections to investors and other key industry resources can help establish your competitive advantage.

The Canna Advisors team can help you assess your market opportunity and develop a customer journey that is consistent with each interaction.

For cultivators, a consistent customer experience means getting the harvest cycle right so you decrease the opportunity cost of empty rooms and inconsistent supply for your customers.

For processors, being in the middle of the supply chain means managing supply consistency on both sides to stay out of the commoditized market. It is critical to your customer experience that you have reliable sources of raw material and that you produce a consistent product and supply for your retail clients.

For dispensaries, efficiency and the customer experience is driven by predicting and planning for demand so you have the right mix of products for your patients and customers and that you have effective marketing plans to let your clients know you have what they need and expect.

The Canna Advisors team can guide you in the competitive landscape so you deliver the experience that customers expect, you become their trusted source, and you stay out of price wars.

This is your moment. We will make sure you shine.

One of the biggest challenges in cannabis is sustaining business momentum after winning your license. This is when our team at Canna Advisors can truly help you push past the hurdle and move forward with business success.

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