Frencis Perret-Gentil

Cultivation Operations Expert

Frencis Perret-Gentil brings a decade of cultivation operations experience to our team and assists clients in problem-solving and mitigating expenses to build compliant and efficient cultivation facilities. Frencis specializes in guiding clients through the start up and operations readiness phases of business. Putting his background in plant sciences from the University of Hawaii to work, he patiently explains processes, educates on cultivation state-specific regulations, and recommends the best sustainable practices, nutrient profiles, automation systems, and schematics for flower rooms and lighting.

Frencis enjoys revitalizing cultivation operations by using techniques that increase production yield averages, hiring and training staff, implementing SOPs and IPMs, and creating new nutrient regimes. He is adept at working with state and local regulators for licensing, as well as MIPs regulation with Hygienist, fire, and county regulators. Frencis started out as a horticulturist for a hydroponic tomato production farm in Oahu, Hawaii and went on to become lead grower and director of cultivation for numerous cannabis facilities before joining Canna Advisors. He has extensive knowledge of inventory programs management, THC/pesticide/mold/spore testing, hydroponic SOPs and regimes, advanced propagation methodologies, and genetic development and crossbreeding.

When he’s not educating and providing innovative solutions to cultivation operational challenges, Frencis can be found growing his own cannabis (which comes highly recommended by fellow Canna colleagues!), working toward his dream of one day owning a home on the Big Island of Hawaii, and surfing whenever he gets a chance.

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