Garrett Cropsey

Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager at Canna Advisors, Garrett Cropsey delivers strategic content support across a full spectrum of client needs, from license applications to post-license operational demands. He has managed client projects in 19 states, plus Canada.

Garrett’s primary focus is writing and developing custom content for competitive cannabis business ventures. He works with clients directly to ensure the materials he produces uphold Canna Advisors’ high standards and the client’s own vision for their business — all within the regulatory constraints of the city and state in question. His areas of expertise include business planning, feasibility studies, inventory control, record keeping, QA/QC, standard operating procedures, operational efficiency, sanitation, security, testing requirements, and staffing/training, amongst others.

Garrett has a BA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from CU-Boulder and worked in both the pharmaceutical and geoscience industries prior to his transition into cannabis. His diverse work experience, passion for science, and attention to detail have contributed greatly to his success within this space. Prior to joining Canna Advisors, Garrett served as the Inventory Manager and General Manager for a Colorado cannabis company, managing inventory and operations between their two dispensary locations (one of which was dual medical/adult-use), three adult-use cultivation facilities, and one medical cultivation facility. This experience gave him an in-depth understanding of cannabis business operations within Colorado, which continues to set the standards for the industry. Garrett is also a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Scientific Advisory Committee, working to promote a greater understanding of cannabis science on a national platform.

In his free time, Garrett enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, playing music, seeing live music, and making cocktails.

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