4th Annual Day of Thanks/Days of Giving

We believe that giving back to the community is even more important in years like we’ve all experienced in 2020. We are grateful to be able to continue our annual Days of Thanks / Days of Giving. 

Now in its 4th year, the program continues the tradition of giving $100 to charities picked by each Canna Advisors team member. Read on to see which organizations our team members selected and why they are important to them.

Black Lives Matter 5280

Picked by Alyssa Goebel, Client Services Administrator

The Black Lives Matter efforts have been forefront for much of 2020. Alyssa selected Black Lives Matter 5280 that supports related efforts in the immediate area. Their impact includes areas of housing, education, mental health and wellness, and support of Black women-owned businesses, and broader economic justice efforts.


Debris Free Oceans

Picked by Sumer Thomas, Senior Project Manager

Debris Free Oceans is a 100% volunteer-run organization that inspires local communities to responsibly manage the lifecycle of plastics and waste as part of a global initiative to eradicate marine debris from our beaches, reefs, and oceans. Sumer supports their focus on shifting our culture towards a circular economy, where “waste” no longer exists and all consumables are part of a closed-loop lifecycle. Their messaging encourages us all to RETHINK single-use consumption and to embrace lifestyles with more action and less clutter.


Expunge Colorado:

Picked by Greg Huffaker, Director of Client Services

Greg and others at Canna Advisors have worked with Expunge Colorado in their mission to provide education, training, consultation, and access to pro bono legal services for record sealing and expungement of eligible criminal cases in Colorado. The organization’s work intersects with Greg’s role at Canna Advisors, his work as a licensed attorney, and the broader impact of cannabis reform.


Invest in Kids:

Picked by Bob Wagener, VP of Business Development

Invest in Kids is dedicated to investing in programs that have been rigorously tested and are proven to make a significant and sustained impact on vulnerable families throughout Colorado. The three research-based programs we bring to statewide communities are The Incredible Years, Nurse-Family Partnership, and Child First.


Mission 22:

Picked by Jay Czarkowski, Founding Parnter

As a veteran, Jay supports Mission 22 efforts in the war against veteran suicide. The organization offers treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury, substance abuse and all of the issues veterans are facing today.


NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund:

Picked by Garrett Cropsey, Senior Project Manager

With racial and social justice issues at the core of the cannabis industry, Garrett selected the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for their efforts in litigation, advocacy, and public education to seek structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans.


Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA):

Picked by Madison Stratford, Business Development Specialist

Having worked with numerous children in a caregiver role, Madison selected PCAA to support their efforts that focus on preventing child abuse and neglect.


Project Sanctuary:

Picked by Micahel Werner, Business Development Manager

After seeing a veteran family member struggle with related issues, Michael connected with this Colorado-based organization that supports veterans nationwide with unique programs that support the whole family. Through innovative long-term programming focused on connectedness, Project Sanctuary restores hope and empowers families to recover and thrive.


Protect Our Winters (POW):

Picked by Chris Newman, Industry Alliance Manager

POW is a community of athletes, scientists, creatives and business leaders advancing non-partisan policies that protect our world today and for future generations. The advocate for technology and financial solutions, political will, and a cultural shift to combat climate change. As a lover of the great outdoors, Chris is a huge fan of their work.


Rocky Mountain Conservancy:

Picked by Lisa Jordan, VP of Marketing

The wildfires in Colorado this year were devastating to communities and iconic outdoor areas like Rocky Mountain National, which is one of Lisa’s favorite places. Supporting Rocky Mountain Conservancy will help restore areas damaged by fire and allow for continued use of this treasured space.


Stout Street Foundation:

Picked by Sarah Barrett, Chief of Staff

The mission of Stout Street is to provide the services and support in a therapeutic community to assist addicts and alcoholics in helping themselves recover. Sarah was particularly interested in their recent project of buying a vacant hotel along I-70 and turning it into a treatment facility and their current efforts of raising funds to renovate the cafeteria.


United Way of Larimer County (UWLC), Larimer County Fire Recovery Fund

Picked by Victoria Trusty, Senior Account Manager

Victoria also picked a nonprofit that is helping with wildfire relief efforts. Larimer County is home to the state’s largest wildfires, the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires. The Larimer County Fire Recovery Fund allows this local United Way to respond to current emergency needs and prepare for future potential flooding in the area. Donations will help rebuild and rehome families in the affected area, with 94% of every donation made going directly to the affected community.


Warren Village:

Picked by Diane Czarkowski, Founding Partner

Single-parent families hold a special place in Diane’s heart. Warren Village focuses on programs that help both parents and kids with housing and job needs and programs developed especially for the children in these families.


Warrior Foundation Freedom Station:

Picked by Michelle Whitmore, Director of People

Helping ill and injured military personnel is the full-time mission of Warrior Foundation. The holiday efforts of this group spoke to Michelle as they conduct a major fundraiser to cover travel expenses for service people going home for the holidays.


Youth on Record:

Picked by Vince DiMichele, Regulatory Analyst

A big lover of music, Vince selected Youth on Record for their efforts that keep kids in music and out of less fulfilling activities. As a community integration organization, they connect young and underprivileged children with artists and musicians in their communities to help mentor young artists, foster artistic growth, and provide an outlet for those seeking to enrich their lives. 


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