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Dispensary Design: Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal Customer Experience

At Cannabis Conference 2022, Sumer Thomas moderated a panel with Wendy Bronfein, chief brand officer and director of public policy at Curio Wellness; Amanda Ruge, co-founder of Flowspace Design; and Virginia Maggiore, principal of Retail Design Collaborative (RDC), where the speakers shared insights and strategies for retail buildout.

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Cannabis Advising in a Challenging Time

Ben Hartman of Rootwurks Blog published an article featuring Jay Czarkowski’s thoughts on cannabis advising through a challenging time. Jay brings the perspective of winning licenses for clients since Client #1 in 2012 in Connecticut and sees better days ahead for the industry.

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Winning & Applying for Cannabis Licenses

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowksi was a repeat guest on Cannabis Radio and gave insights about applying for and winning licenses across the US including New York, Alabama, Maryland, and Missouri.

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Beyond Convenient: What’s the Future for Cannabis Delivery?

Cannabis Business Executive featured insights from retail advisory expert Alex Carll about “the wrinkle” of delivery in the cannabis customer experience.

Delivery undoubtedly creates an intriguing wrinkle in the cannabis consumer experience. For example, as Carll points out, cutting out the in-store visit could mean a delivery consumer doesn’t get the “personalized service” of a dispensary “that is not necessarily coming through on the delivery side.” Then again, as he says, “there certainly are a lot of people, especially medical cannabis consumers, who aren’t necessarily comfortable” going into a physical location.

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How to Invest in Marijuana

Advice and Top 4 Stock Picks from a Leading Cannabis Consultant

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski provided perspective to U.S. News & World Report on President Biden’s recent announcement and what it might mean for cannabis businesses and the industry. Jay also provided his top four picks for cannabis blue-chip stocks.

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Comparing US and German Cannabis Markets

Cannabis Consultant Brian Hart, who is half German and half American and has lived in both countries and studied the cannabis industry in both market, talks with host Tom Pettit of the Smells Like Business podcast about the differences and similarities between the U.S. and German cannabis markets. The podcast is a unique source of tips and tricks from cannabis experts and CEOs looking to inspire a new generation of successful European cannabis entrepreneurs.

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Not Waiting for SAFE Banking

Our cannabis retail advisory consultant Alex Carll gave his perspective on current actions and considerations for payments in dispensaries.

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What Can Cannabis Operators Do to Impact Profitability?

The news is currently saturated with stories about unprofitable cannabis businesses. However, compared to other industries, cannabis is eking out slightly more profits than the average U.S. business.

Regardless, every business owner could stand to improve profits. Trusted cannabis consultant Jay Czarkowski provides his perspective in mycannabis on ways to improve profitability for cannabis businesses — starting with people.

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Colorado Loses Cannabis Crown as New Markets Rise

Legacy cannabis markets, such as Colorado, face increased headwinds from a crowded supply side and new markets, according to a report from cannabis data firm Headset, all of which points to a market correction. Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski provides his perspective to Green Market Report.

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Alabama Teams Now Requesting Applications: Medical Cannabis Licenses

Those planning to apply for a medical marijuana business license in Alabama must first request a license application by the October 17 deadline. Our license application expert consultant Jay Czarkowski weighs in on the topic in Cannabis Business Times: “They’re looking for groups that are qualified, that can execute and deliver value,” he said.

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Interview Series: mycannabis talks to Jay Czarkowski

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski talked with Lydia Kariuki of mycannabis about cannabis profitability, stigma, the vision for Canna Advisors, and what might come next for Jay and the industry.

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Celebrity Cannabis Brands on Offer in Arkansas

Sumer Thomas, Director of Regulatory Operations gave insights about franchising and celebrity cannabis brands to Arkansas Cannabiz, the new online industry publication from the Arkansas Times.

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