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OCM released draft regulations on November 21, which means it is time to start working with our winning license application team now.

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How to Win A New York Cannabis Business License

With the recent release of draft adult-use regulations in New York, the time to work with our New York application consultants is now. Just because there is no official cap on the number of licenses, do not mistake this setup for a non-competitive application process. There will be many more applicants than license winners.

You will need 3 things to prepare a truly competitive adult-use license application in NY: regulation experts, license application experts, and cannabis experts.

Our winning team brings all of this expertise. We know what you’re up against and we know what it takes to submit winning applications.

Canna Advisors already has successful cultivation, manufacturing and retail clients in New York. Our local, New York team is backed by our extensive team that has won licenses and helped build successful cannabis businesses in 36 states and internationally. 

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Contact our New York cannabis consultants today to discuss what you should be doing now to be properly positioned to win a competitive cannabis license in New York.

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How to Apply for a New York Adult-Use License

Writing an Application vs Winning a License

While there is technically no limit on the number of adult-use licenses that will be awarded, winning a license in New York will still be rigorous and challenging. Many who apply will not win a license.

It takes more than understanding the regulations from a legal perspective to be successful in the New York cannabis market. The planning and application process also takes license experts and cannabis experts. Be sure your team is fully equipped and that they bring a successful track record of winning licenses.

How to Prepare Now

Canna Advisors has been around longer and helped more clients succeed than any other cannabis firm in the world. There is a place for other professionals, such as local attorneys, on your team, but writing your application should be trusted to proven license winners.

Based on the date the draft regulations came out, the soonest we will see an application is the end of March. Be ready to hit "send" when the application window opens.

Our New York cannabis license consultants can guide you through the top 3 things you should be doing now to prepare.

The detailed sections of the New York adult-use application will require deep cannabis experience to satisfy the minimum requirements . To thoroughly address the regulations will require a team who brings a broad perspective of how to evaluate your individual business and provide sound guidance throughout the process.

Often, this guidance involves identifying gaps in your business model or execution team and tapping into our vast network across the country to bolster your team and present your best shot at winning a license.


Rules, Regulations & Important Requirements for New York Adult-Use Cannabis Licenses

Draft regulations are out for New York adult-use licenses. Our team of NY cannabis consultants has a clear plan of action for all license types that will put you ahead of the competition when the applications are released in early 2023.


2023 Application Timeline & License Requirements

Our New York cannabis team is closely monitoring the license application process and providing timeline updates as well as new business requirements as they develop. We anticipate that the NY Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) will begin accepting license applications sometime in the March 2023 timeframe. Based on our experience of working with cannabis clients in 36 states, we expect a heavy amount of preparation for these phases and license types:

NY Application Phase 1:

The draft regulations released November 21, 2022 provide details of base application materials. These are the most important materials because these include the information by which the OCM will be evaluating applicants and issuing licenses. While the OCM has indicated there will be no “set limit” to the number of licenses, there will be far more applicants than licenses issued. Submitting the best possible material, as soon as possible, will maximize your team’s chances of securing a license.

For this first phase, our license application experts will provide these base application materials with the level of detail and accuracy required:

  • Business continuity plan
  • Community impact plan
  • Energy and environmental plan
  • History of equitable workplace environment
  • History in creating culturally and linguistically competent services to diverse and underserved populations
  • History of serving in community leadership roles
  • Source and proof of funding

NY License Application: Phase 2

Our deep license application experience and already winning conditional licenses in the CAURD applications indicated that the OCM may issue  provisional licenses based upon thorough and complete Phase 1 material detailed above. After granting Provisional approval, the OCM will then require submission of property specific information in these 7 detailed sections:

  • Property-related payment details
  • Premises details – with 50+ detailed items 
  • Nature of interest in the premises
  • Location and layout compliance statement
  • Municipality notification compliance statement
  • Correct/compliant Certificate of occupancy for the licensed premises
  • Copies of all applicable deeds, leases, agreements that demonstrate applicant’s right to use sufficient land, buildings, or other premises

NY License Application Phase 3

From the draft regulations and our other NY license application experience, we can be certain that the OCM will require significant operational details before granting full licenses.

If the OCM does not receive the required information within the required window, your provisional license will be revoked. 

See the section before for more operations plan requirements.

Contact our winning license application team today to be sure you are prepared for all three important application phases. Start now and be ready to get licensed quickly when the OCM releases applications in the March 2023 timeframe.


New York License Application Requirement Details for Cultivation, Processing & Retail

Successful applicants will need to address these operation plan requirements before being granted a full license from the OCM:

All New York Adult-Use License Types:

  • Security and employee training and safety plan
  • Overview of all authorized activities
  • Quality assurance plan
  • Cannabis recall plan
  • Cannabis testing plan
  • Energy and Environmental Plan
  • Eleven detailed sections ranging from hazardous waste to carbon footprint and sustainability and conservation, waste management, including detailed strategy to measure, track, record, performance and execution of the plan

New York Adult-Use Cultivation (Grower) Applications:

The regulations create 5 tiers of cultivation licenses for adult-use in New York. They are differentiated by light source with allowed square footage between 5,000 to 100,000 square feet.

All of the items above will be required, plus these that are cultivation-specific:

  • Soil or growing medium preparation plan
  • Pest management and control plan
  • Emergency spill management procedures

New York Adult-Use Processing Applications:

The NY regulations create three types of adult-use processing licenses that roughly break down by the level of manufacturing and capital involved for each type:

Minimal processing: Branding, packaging, and labeling

Blending / Infusing: Must have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility

Extraction: Also must have GMP facility

All of the items above will be required, plus these that are processing-specific:

  • Description of extraction methods, including chemical solvents, other materials, and equipment
  • Emergency spill management procedures

New York Adult-Use Retail (Dispensary) Applications:

  • Current employee in charge and SOPs for their responsibilities
  • Documentation demonstrating compliance with Section 123.10(f)(1)
  • Procedures to remain compliant with local ordinances pertaining to odor, noise, outdoor lines, and max capacity
  • Delivery plan

New York Integrated Microbusiness Applications:

The regulations set the allowed canopy size at 3,500 square feet indoor or 10,000 square feet outdoor. The regulations also allow micro operations to have retail locations that are distinct from their cultivation and processing facility.

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New York Cannabis Industry Projections

Registered medical marijuana patients (2019)

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Image Data Source: "The State of Legal Marijuana Markets" by Arcview Market Research / BDS Analytics, 7th Edition.

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