Operations Readiness

You have a cannabis license – now what?

With high risk and no room for mistakes, rely on Canna Advisors for trusted advice in preparing your business for inspection and opening. You will be guided by an experienced team of cannabis consultants who have won licenses and guided startup operations in 39 states, plus Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada.

To make the most of your opportunity, Canna Advisors can help you be compliant, efficient, and competitive in the emerging marketplace. We can make you fully aware of areas of greatest risk for mistakes that may be minor or easy to correct in some industries, but can be catastrophic in the cannabis industry.

We’ll guide you through what you MUST do and what you CAN’T do and will help you avoid mistakes that could result in exorbitant fines—or even cost you your license.

We will make sure that you are ready for inspection and that your first day is a success!


From License to Inspection

There is no time to waste in the critical phase between winning a license and inspection by the regulators.  

The Canna Advisors team will help you align your organizational chart, plan your leadership team, and develop foundational standard operating procedures (SOPs). Our cannabis consulting experts in cultivation, processing, and dispensary operations will check all processes and procedures so that any outstanding issues can be addressed before they become a problem.

With this thorough review, attention to detail, and experience of opening other cannabis facilities across the country, our team will make sure you are prepared for inspection.

From Inspection to Opening Week

Once you are past the inspection phase, the Canna Advisors team will support your opening with someone on the ground at your cannabis dispensary, manufacturing, or processing facility from one week prior to one week after opening.

We’re Not in the Cannabis Industry -- We’re in the Compliance Industry

With regulations being a driving factor in the success or failure of a cannabis business, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive operating plan tailored to your state’s regulations and your needs. How do you know your approach to “the right way” is the same as regulators and their analysis? For some inspection violations, there are stiff penalties. For others, there is no second chance. Workgroups need to be adapted and modified to comply with strict regulations and fit real life processes.

Our team will work with you to develop policies and procedures, employee handbooks, and employee training programs and manuals that will drive a culture of compliance and efficiency within your organization.

This is your moment. We will make sure your cannabis business shines.

One of the biggest challenges in cannabis is sustaining business momentum after winning your license. This is when our team at Canna Advisors can truly help you push past the hurdle and move forward with business success.


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