Business Development & Planning for Cannabis Operations

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Creating a comprehensive plan is the first step to successful cannabis business development. Canna Advisors works with clients to design personalized business plans with detailed financial models that can be used to secure needed capital, recruit key executive-level talent and provide a foundation for future licensing application development. The in-depth consultation and plans cover these key areas:


Industry and Market Analysis

Operations Plan – Full Scope

Financial Plan and Modeling


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Even the Savviest Entrepreneurs Need a Crash Course

Even the savviest entrepreneurs need a crash course as they enter the cannabis industry due to how rapidly it is expanding and evolving.

Our cannabis experts provide extensive industry education, comprehensive business planning, and detailed financial modeling. These services are not only extremely helpful for starting a cannabis business, but also for planning each new location if you decide to expand in the future.


The Perspective of 39 States — and Counting

We don't just claim to have experience. We prove it.

Now in our 9th year of cannabis consulting, the Canna Advisors team has helped clients succeed in 39 states, plus Canada, Europe, Guam, and Puerto Rico. The team’s combined 100+ years of regulated cannabis industry experience provides a combination of insights and expertise that is unmatched. 

In fact, our clients have said they have learned more by spending three days with the Canna Advisors team than in months of research on their own. Having worked in 39  states offers a perspective and knowledge of the cannabis industry that is broad, deep, and hard to find. 

You’ll find that we take a local, boots-on-the-ground approach with all of our clients while offering the horsepower of a national organization. 

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We will help you optimize your cannabis business plan and operational goals

Partner with our passionate group of cannabis consultants to develop a comprehensive business plan that will help startups get their business off the ground.


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