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Oklahoma Approves Medical Marijuana Program

Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly approved a statewide ballot measure – State Question 788 – to implement a medical marijuana program during the June 26 primary election.

Licensing applications for medical marijuana businesses are now available and are being accepted by the state. Currently, there are no limits on the number of licenses awarded, and no deadlines set for the application process.

One unique aspect of Oklahoma’s proposed law is that employers may not discriminate against medical marijuana patients in hiring, termination, or when imposing conditions of employment. While employers may still terminate employees for marijuana use in the workplace, the initiative would prohibit employers from taking action against employees as a result of a positive drug test or their status as a medical marijuana patient.

As of now, home grow is allowed, and patients may smoke their own flower. Dispensaries may only sell pills, oils, topicals (including creams, ointments, gels), tinctures, liquids, or “a form medically appropriate for administration by vaporization or nebulization”. Dispensaries cannot sell flower, dry leaf, plant form, plants, or seedlings.

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