Mississippi Medical Marijuana License Opportunities

It's time to apply for medical marijuana licenses in Mississippi

Apply now for medical marijuana licenses in Mississippi. The dispensary application window opened in early July and the window for cultivation, processing, transportation, and waste disposal opened in June.

While there is no set closing date for any application type and no limit on the number of licenses at the state level, the process is complex and there are advantages to submitting your application as soon as possible

Municipalities can impose their own limits and location restrictions can make finding a compliant location difficult if you apply later than your competition.

Learn more about the medical marijuana licensing details for cultivation, processing, dispensing, and other license types here and below.


Get ahead in the license application and approval process by relying on our Mississippi medical marijuana consultants who have helped win licenses and start cannabis businesses in 39 states and internationally.


Medical Marijuana in Mississippi: The Timeline & Overview

What are the Details of Implementing the Approved Medical Marijuana Bill in Mississippi?


Effective Date: Immediately

After 120 Days: Begin issuing licenses  (except for dispensaries), within 30 days of receiving an application

After 150 Days: Begin issuing licenses for dispensaries, within 30 days of receiving an application

Cap on Number of Licenses: None at the state level, but municipalities can opt out altogether.

Regulations and Applications Release: Regulations have been finalized and application windows opened in June and July, with no set closing date.


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Other Program Details for Mississippi's Medical Marijuana Cannabis Act

What Are Other Important Details to Know Before Applying?

Residency requirement:

  • 3 years as a Mississippi resident for individuals
  • 35% equity ownership by a 3-year resident.
  • 100% equity ownership by a 3-year resident for micro cultivators and micro processors 

Vertical Integration:

Vertical integration is allowed, but not required.

Ownership Limits:

No individual or entity may have a direct or indirect ownership or economic interest of more than 10% in more than one cultivation facility license, one processing facility license, or more than five dispensary licenses.

Location Restrictions:

Any cannabis facility must be at least 1,000 feet from schools, churches, and daycares. Waivers to lower this distance are a possibility.

Dispensaries must be at least 1,500 feet from each other.



How to Get Ahead in License Application & Approval

While the process isn’t technically competitive with a limited number of licenses, it IS complex.

There is a substantial amount of writing and the process is more difficult than might appear on the surface.

Your application could get rejected for simple or minor deficiencies.


Complete Applications Require These Components:

  • Financial plans
  • Tax registration
  • Property
  • Distancing compliance
  • Business and industry experience
  • Local approval


20 Application Narrative Sections for Cultivation & Manufacturing

  1. Business Plan and Management Profile
  2. Regulatory Compliance Plan
  3. Business and Financial Plan
  4. Operating Plan Summary & Qualifications
  5. Safety and Security Plans and Procedures
  6. Business Experience

plus 14 various detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Narrative & Compliance Requirements for Dispensing Applications

An operating plan that demonstrates compliance with applicable laws and rules regarding:

  1. Security
  2. Employee qualifications (including background checks, and training)
  3. Record-keeping systems
  4. Hours of operation
  5. Preventing non-cardholders under the age of 21 from entering the licensed premises
  6. Preventing non-cardholders from obtaining or attempting to obtain any items sold by the dispensary



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