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Added Federal Complexity of D.C.'s Non-State Status

5 New Medical Cannabis Licenses in Washington, D.C.

Prospective applicants must submit a Letter of Intent form by April 21, 2021

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Medical marijuana was legalized in Washington, D.C. in 2010, with adult-use approval following in 2014. However, the unique non-state status of D.C. burdens the district with federal oversight that keeps non-medical programs in a grey area. With this additional oversight, the projected start of adult-use cannabis has now been pushed back an additional year and is now expected to start in 2023.

The positive news for cannabis entrepreneurs and patients is that the program is now under a new regulatory body that is expected to make a positive impact on the stalled program. The new Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Agency (ABRA) has already opened up the five new medical license opportunities referenced above. 

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Cannabis Business Guidance for Washington, D.C.

With the new regulatory body and the expected growth of the medical marijuana program and launch of the previously-approved adult-use program, cannabis entrepreneurs have an opportunity to start or expand their cannabis operations. 

Careful business planning and early license application preparation are critical steps to take now. Navigating the non-state regulatory landscape adds a layer of complexity that our experienced team of application and regulatory experts can guide you through. 

Market Conditions in Washington, D.C.

Total cannabis spending in D.C. was $23 million in 2019 and is expected to grow to $173 million by 2025, a 40% Compound Annual Growth Rate.

The Canna Advisors team can prepare you to take advantage of business opportunities and guide you through a daunting series of strategic choices ahead.


Source: "The State of Legal Marijuana Markets" by Arcview Market Research / BDS Analytics, 8th Edition.



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