Virginia Legislature looks to expand medical marijuana program and decriminalize simple possession

Newly seated Virginia governor Ralph Northam is a physician who recognizes the increasing data behind the benefits of medical marijuana, and the opportunity to reduce the social injustices caused by sentencing laws that disproportionately hurt people of color.

Virginia legislators are considering several bills pertaining to medical cannabis. One would expand the list of acceptable diseases for which patients can be prescribed medical cannabis, and others are aimed at decriminalizing simple possession and reducing penalties of possession.

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Opportunity in Virginia

Efforts to approve and develop a medical marijuana program appear to have bipartisan support in the state legislature and with key municipal leadership. Licenses are anticipated to allow for vertical integration.

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Conditions in Virginia

This may be the year that Virginia expands the allowed uses of medical marijuana beyond intractable epilepsy, which has has been recommended by The Joint Commission on Health Care. Legislators are also considering several other bills on decriminalization.

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