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Virginia Legislature expands medical marijuana program

On March 9, 2018, Governor Ralph Northam signed HB 1251 – also known as the #LetDoctorsDecide measure – into law. Now doctors in Virginia can decide by a case-by-case basis on appropriate treatments for any diagnosed condition.

Virginia has become the first state to expand a hyper-restrictive medical marijuana program from a single qualifying condition to any diagnosed condition.

The Virginia Department of Health Professions issued its Request for Applications to operate a pharmaceutical processor in 2018. These processors will be able to cultivate cannabis for the production and/or dispensing of CBD oil or THC-A oil.

Pharmaceutical processor winners were announced in September of 2018. Medical marijuana applications are treated as medical license applications, and are therefore exempt from the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

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Opportunity in Virginia

Licenses in Virginia are anticipated to allow for vertical integration.

Taking the time to put together a financial model and business plan now will help position you to raise capital, secure properties, win local approval, and recruit potential team members.

raise capital, secure property, win local approval, recruit key team members

Conditions in Virginia

Virginia's medical marijuana program has bipartisan support in the state legislature and with key municipal leadership.

Preparing early is important for applying for a license.

How Can You Get Prepared?


Bob Wagener, our Vice President of

Business Development, shares four insights

in his blog post:

"4 Steps to Get Started in New Cannabis States"

A Smarter, more strategic approach to state licenses

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