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Virginia Legislature expands medical marijuana program

Virginia approved adult-use cannabis in 2021, but licensing that would lead to retail sales has yet to begin because the structure of the bill allowed for delays. Early indicators for the 2023 legislative session point to action by the summer.

While uncertainty remains about how and when the adult-use program might roll out in Virginia, now is the time for those hoping to secure a licenses to get into action. Prepare your business plan and financial model. Our adult-use licensing consultants can guide you through important steps to take now so you are ready to apply for a license in Virginia when the regulations and applications are released.

Another important action to take is to be a vocal advocate by contacting your state legislators. Find out how to take just a few minutes to help move adult-use cannabis legalization forward in Virginia.

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Cannabis Business Guidance in Virginia

Virginia still has a pretty limited medical marijuana program in which licensing is highly competitive. We can help you sort through the regulations, educate you on the market conditions and opportunities, and prepare your business for future licensing rounds as the state makes them available. Early preparation and industry education are essential in any competitive cannabis market, so starting early is your best chance of submitting a winning application. Contact our consultants today for opportunity assessments and hourly learning sessions with our Subject Matter Experts.

Market Conditions in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Health Professions issued a Request for Applications to operate a pharmaceutical processor in 2018. These processors are able to cultivate cannabis for the production and/or dispensing of CBD oil or THC-A oil. Pharmaceutical processor winners were announced in September of 2018.

Three bills were passed in 2019 that expand the state's program even more:

New Products and Additional Healthcare Practitioners

New legislation allows a variety of product formulations instead of just oils, like capsules, suppositories, lozenges, topicals, and lollipops, each with up to 10 milligrams of THC. In addition, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are now permitted to issue medical marijuana written certifications once they are registered with the Board of Pharmacy.

Administering Medical Marijuana in Schools

Additional legislation benefits children who are registered medical marijuana patients, allowing them to receive their medicine from their school's healthcare practitioner. Virginia is the fourth state to allow medical marijuana to be administered to student registered patients.

Registered Agents Pickup and/or Delivery Authorization

A third bill makes it legal for "registered agents" of patients to pick up or receive medical marijuana for that patient. This addresses the issue of patient access for those who are physically unable to get their medicine, such as those who have home healthcare providers, or those living in hospice and assisted living facilities.

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