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Voters in North Dakota overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana use in 2016, and the North Dakota Division of Medical Marijuana (NDDoMM) will continue to implement the Medical Marijuana Program as prescribed by the law passed by the 2017 Legislative Assembly.

In November 2018, 59% of voters rejected Measure 3 to legalize adult-use marijuana. Had it been approved, the measure would have de-scheduled marijuana from the state’s controlled substances law, fully legalized all “non-violent marijuana related activity,” except sales to persons under age 21, and immediately expunged the criminal record of anyone with a drug conviction for marijuana. Had the measure passed, North Dakota would have become the most relaxed and deregulated adult-use marijuana market in the United States, with no licenses required for any marijuana activity, including commercial cultivation, manufacturing, or sales. A large funding gap between supporters and opponents, coupled with the exceptionally broad legal implications of Measure 3, ultimately doomed North Dakota’s 2018 legalization attempt.

Entrepreneurs looking to get licensed by the state for medical marijuana should be in the planning stages. Early preparation is key in securing properties, raising capital, winning local approval, and recruiting key team members.
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Taking the time to assemble the ingredients for a great application should start now. Our cannabis consultants have assisted clients in 29 states. Those that put in the most preparation submit the best applications. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your plans.

raise capital, secure property, win local approval, recruit key team members

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Entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in pursuing a medical marijuana license should be actively preparing for submission. Call us today for help.

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Bob Wagener, our VP of Business Development, shares 4 insights in his blog post:

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