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Cannabis Expansion in Texas

Applications Open for Medical Dispensary Licenses in Texas. And, two cannabis pre-bills have already been filed for the upcoming Texas Senate session. Act now.


Texas remains one of the few states without a comprehensive medical marijuana program, despite 83% of Texans supporting medical and 60% in favor of full legalization. 

Currently, medical cannabis in the state is capped at 1% THC, tightly regulated under strict rules, authorized for use to treat a very short list of conditions, and competing with less-restricted neighboring states like Texas and Oklahoma.

As of January 2023, the Texas Department of Public Safety has opened an application period to add medical cannabis dispensaries. The application period runs until April 28.

Otherwise, for a broader expansion of cannabis legalization in Texas, all eyes will be on the legislative session that began in January 2023.

Apply and Prepare Now for Texas Medical Marijuana Licenses

To apply for the immediate round of Compassionate Use Program dispensing organization licenses, get started now.

To be ready for future expansion, the best actions that cannabis entrepreneurs can take now are to start your business plan and financial model, raise capital, and start building your team

Canna Advisors helped clients in the early stages of the current limited licenses in Texas and has consulting experts on the ground in the state to help navigate the upcoming opportunities.


Contact our Texas cannabis consultants now to be ready for these new opportunities.

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Texas Cannabis Opportunities

With full cannabis legalization, Texas is poised to become a leading cannabis market given its ranking as the second highest population in the U.S. – close to 30 million – and the strong level of support shown in the polls. 

Patient numbers in the state have already increased four times in the past year after lawmakers increased the THC limit to 1% from 0.5% and added cancer and PTSD as qualifying conditions. Onerous operating regulations and extreme limitations on access, however, remain a significant barrier to allowing Texans access to cannabis. Even with the 4x growth, the tally of patients is less than 30,000 in a state of about 30 million residents.

Perhaps the recent comments by Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller – the highest ranking Republican official in the state – are a harbinger of change. Miller’s written statement “Standing Up for Compassionate Use” said that he had “seen firsthand the value of cannabis as medicine” and that it is “his goal next year to expand access to the compassionate use of cannabis” as a top priority.


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