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Connecticut Expands Medical Marijuana Business Licensing

Connecticut plans to expand its current medical marijuana program by awarding at least three new dispensary licenses to keep up with the successful growth of the program. Some sources are projecting that up to 10 new licenses will be awarded by the state. The application period closed in April, but it has not been determined when license winners will be announced.

A committee of the Connecticut legislature approved a measure for adult-use in 2018, but the bill was never passed by the full legislature before the end of the legislative session.

As of September 2018, 27,800+ patients are registered under Connecticut’s medical marijuana program, and more than 900 physicians may recommend medical marijuana to patients. Minors can be treated for eight conditions under CT’s program.

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Bob Wagener, our VP of Business Development, shares 4 insights in his blog post:

4 Steps to Get Started in New Cannabis States

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Taking the time to put together a financial model and business plan now will help position you to raise capital, secure property, win local approval, and recruit potential team members. Canna Advisors has assisted clients in 29 states. Those that put in the most preparation submit the best applications. Contact our cannabis consultants today to discuss how we can assist with your plans

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Conditions in Connecticut

Entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in pursuing a medical marijuana license should be actively preparing for submission in order to be ready for short state-implemented deadlines.

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Cannabis legalization is changing quickly, and Canna Advisors can help your cannabis business evolve and expand with the industry. For the latest news and events about cannabis, visit our Blog and News and Events pages, or have a look at some of the following top articles on cannabis legalization in Connecticut.

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