Brand Development and Marketing Strategy

Brand Development is a Critical First Step for Your Cannabis Business

Developing your cannabis brand is a key element of a successful plan, and it starts before you win a license. Along with the usual brand identity elements, brand development and marketing strategies must be compliant with the cannabis-specific regulations in your area. A solid brand and marketing strategy is a key component of winning license applications.

Canna Advisors provides two approaches to offering brand development services to our clients, both provided by our team of award-winning designers and brand development experts with knowledge of this complex regulated industry.

We offer stand-alone brand development specific to your own business that includes naming, logo development, branding, and go-to-market strategy plans. Because of the regulatory complexities of the cannabis industry, we also offer brand licensing which provides turnkey branding that includes product formulations and packaging that is compliant and designed to jumpstart your business operations.

Branding & Marketing Support from Business Inception through Post-Launch

Instead of hiring a full-time team of national-caliber marketing professionals, you can rely on Canna Advisors' team of cannabis consultants to develop and manage your brand strategy, visual design, and marketing strategy. The brand development team applies extensive experience in building brands in emerging industries and developing integrated campaigns that range from initial brand concepts through execution in award-winning retail design.

The complex and strictly regulated environment adds an additional layer of planning, budgeting, and execution that are unique to the cannabis industry. Developing marketing plans early in the process ensures that your operation is both compliant and visible to your target market.

License an Established Cannabis Brand

In some situations, licensing a brand versus developing your own is the best option. We have formed strategic partnerships and apply our industry knowledge to “package” a brand that you can license. Included in the licensing agreement are a recognized brand name and visual identity, product formulations, and packaging that is educational and compliant. With this turnkey brand licensing, you can quickly go to market with a branded product that has strong appeal to both dispensaries and customers.

We can match you with brands that already exist, that are tried and tested and have a patient following. By pairing with an existing brand with a history that has been perfected, you gain an instant competitive and operational advantage.

Define and market your cannabis brand

Powerful cannabis brands tell a story. What makes your story memorable? What is the promise that only you can make? Canna Advisors will help you get to the heart of your brand, setting the foundation for long-term marketing success.


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