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Whether you’re a seasoned MSO (multistate operator) entering a new market, or a first-time local entrant, ‘knowing your numbers’ through cannabis financial services provides you with confidence in your vision and helps you attract teammates, partners, approval, property, investment, and more.

Not everyone is a ‘numbers person’. But most everyone likes a story. Business planning coupled with a financial model does just that; written narratives, charts, and graphics explaining what you’ve illustrated in a numeric format via your model. Together, these tools get you ahead of the curve, best-positioned for the license application and eventual startup of your cannabis business.


Start Financial Planning Early To Show Business Value Now

Know thy numbers, know thy business; know thyself. Financial services like Financial Models and Business Plans help you as a ‘cannapreneur’ understand the opportunity ahead of you in its purest form. They are the ‘blueprint’ for your startup. But what’s more, almost every application asks for some form of financial projections and business planning. By working on these items sooner than later, you are armed with further knowledge and preparation as an entrepreneur, but also have the foundational materials as the license applicant.


How Cannabis Financial Planning Takes Shape

Often, you are comfortable with some aspect and perhaps some tangential area of the cannabis industry (e.g., you’ve operated a commercial tomato farm, you own a pharmacy, etc.). Cannabis financials aren’t ‘rocket science’, but are an exact science. You need to determine your resources, goals, and vision, and then ensure you’ve built a path toward success. This comes by figuring out variables like required startup investment, expected breakeven point, payroll, equity distribution, and more.


Available Funding Options For Your Cannabis Business

Whether self-funding or seeking partners, you’ll want a plan and team for this venture. Consider assets like land, facilities, and IP (not just cash). And then sources of funding could be personal savings, a loan, an investor, a strategic partner, and more. It’s important to know your state’s ownership regulations (and that’s where the business plan narratives tie in with the financial model numbers).

Lean On Top Financial Consulting Expertise

Our cannabis consultants have decades of seasoned experience, across 39 states. Working with our team means a fully-integrated approach to financials and a constant pulse on your local, state, and regional cannabis market.

Financial Modeling Services

Cannabis Financial Models

Financial Models allow you to see your business for strictly the numbers. From pre-operational expenses and market analysis to projected revenue and staffing, a financial model will show you and your investors exactly how successful your cannabis business could be from a financial stand-point. Often this type of document is required for initial application and licensure and is the best first step for entrepreneurs who are curious about what it'll take to start a cannabis business.

Canna Advisors is proud to have one of, if not, the most comprehensive and robust financial model in the industry that's been developed and improved by financial experts over the last 12 years.


Written Cannabis Finance Plans

Once a path is charted via financial modeling, it’s time to tell the story of how your cannabis business will walk that path. Traditionally, a spreadsheet financial model is accompanied by a written document of up to 50 pages of technical writing. Potential partners and investors may ‘like the numbers’, but they’ll want to know more about your experience, resources, growth plan, methodologies, strategies, equipment, products, staffing, facilities, safety & compliance, and more.

Be sure to work on your Business Plan with experts in technical writing, experience in the cannabis industry, and with attorneys on staff who interpret your state and/or municipality’s regulations. This document helps you as the cannapreneur, but also lays the foundation for your application materials.


Presentation-Based Cannabis Finance Plans

As technology has evolved, so have business presentations. As the startup investment world has gotten more competitive and dynamic, so has the need for the ‘best possible pitch’ whenever the chance presents itself. A Presentation Business Plan is a great tool as you attend networking seminars, pitch competitions, and other industry and investor events.

Consider a Presentation Business Plan to be a visually-appealing mix of a traditional ‘technically written’ business plan and a pitch deck; more than a brochure or flyer, but perhaps less than a robust data room for a specific interested investor. A PBP is generally 8-12 pages with paragraphs, charts, and graphics shared as a PDF or printed for quick reference in person.


Investor Pitch Decks

Whether attracting an investor, partner, municipal approval, or more, a Pitch Deck conveys the ‘highlights’ of the Financial Model and Business Plan. Generally 6-8 ‘slides’ via Powerpoint (or Prezi, Canva, etc.), a well done Pitch Deck should take anyone from ‘zero’ to ‘interested/disinterested’. If interested, they’ll want to see the Financial Model and Business Plan.

Hourly Financial Consulting

A little overwhelming? Want to talk to a cannabis industry financial expert about some ‘back of the envelope’/’bar napkin’ numbers and concepts? Schedule an hourly consultation with one of the industry’s most experienced teams today.

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Why Cannabis Financial Services Are Necessary

Custom Financial Models Visualize Your Unique Business

Financial Models are the best tool for a new entrepreneur. With that said, the details and customization are where the real value derives. Cookie-cut, ‘off-the-shelf’ models sold like static products by online retailers rarely help you and your specific vision. Worse, they rarely attract and keep investors engaged; sometimes even display a lack of attention to detail by you (i.e., a step back and waste of time+effort+money for you).


Experience in Cannabis Financing Pays Dividends

Be sure to work with experts with financial backgrounds, cannabis experience in several states over several years, and who offer dynamic models as a service. It should be an educational and collaborative process where there is guided decision-making and a transfer of knowledge around your unique model for your specific operation. Not only should there be ranges and variables, but you should understand them and be poised to manipulate them effectively.

Almost all applications require some form of a financial plan. So a stellar model not only arms you with the knowledge and confidence, and not only attracts partners and approvals, but is an integral piece of your application submission. Falling short here could mean rejection by the state, even with the best written plans.


Don't Wait To Build Your Model - Contact Our Financial Consultants

Most business professionals understand business models. Most cannabis professionals understand cannabis. Few fully understand the interconnection of the two. Fewer have worked for over a decade in 39 states and internationally on cannabis industry financial services.

Your financial and business plans can be the ‘make or break’ for obtaining your cannabis license, and operating profitably and sustainably thereafter. Expertise in cannabis and financial services is crucial to building an efficient model that will lead your company to success.

Reach out to us at Canna Advisors today to schedule an introductory call with our team to discuss how we’ve provided best-in-class financial services to our hundreds of clients and counting.

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