Oregon Cannabis Market

Opportunities in the Oregon Cannabis Market

Oregon has opportunities to acquire active licenses and make value-driven investments due to recent business consolidations and operators pivoting into the hemp industry. The state’s robust market has driven a wave of acquisitions and is primed for new entrepreneurs and investors. 

Those interested in new cannabis opportunities in Oregon should contact us today for help identifying market opportunities and charting your path forward. Our team of experienced cannabis consultants can prepare you to take advantage of Oregon business opportunities and guide you through a daunting series of strategic choices.

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Cannabis Business Guidance in Oregon

Even in a mature market like Oregon, current businesses frequently need assistance with improving operations and adapting to the shifting marketplace. Our operational expertise and vast network of vetted industry partners will put your cannabis business on the path to long-term success. 

Successfully competing in the mature and highly-regulated Oregon cannabis market requires a well-calculated strategy. Working with our team of cannabis consultants now can help you navigate Oregon’s evolving marketplace. Contact us to discuss your best entry point, investment opportunity, or how to improve business efficiencies.

Market Conditions in Oregon

Though Oregon has had long-standing issues with an oversupply of cannabis, wholesale prices are beginning to rebound due to recent legislative action and some businesses shifting to hemp production. Growth projections estimate Oregon adult-use cannabis sales will reach $994M by 2024.

The state has taken steps to curb problems with cannabis overproduction. As of January 1, 2020, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) can now limit the number of cannabis business licenses awarded. Previously, there were no caps on permits and few barriers to licensure besides paying the required fees.


Stay up-to-date on Cannabis in Oregon

Cannabis legalization is changing rapidly. The cannabis consultants at Canna Advisors can help develop your business from the ground up. For the latest news and events in the industry, visit our Blog and News and Events pages, and have a look at some of the following top articles on cannabis in Oregon.

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