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With New Jersey voters passing adult-use cannabis in the November election, Pennsylvania could move quickly on their own program.

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The cannabis consultants at Canna Advisors have been actively involved in the Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry since the day legislation was signed in 2016. We helped clients successfully win grower/processor and dispensary licenses in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Coming into 2023, the control of the Pennsylvania legislature is split, but cannabis legalization does have bipartisan support. In July 2023, Sens. Dan Laughlin and Sharif Street have introduced  Senate Bill 846, a bipartisan bill that calls to legalize adult use of cannabis in Pennsylvania. With neighboring states forging ahead with adult-use, pressure is on to keep potential revenue from adult-use sales within the state. As we watch and advocate for adult-use process in Pennsylvania, now is the time to contact state legislators to ask for their support and to start early planning for your adult-use cannabis business in Pennsylvania.

The time is now to start preparing for adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania. Savvy entrepreneurs should be actively preparing vs idly waiting for legalization. Learn what you can do now to begin planning an adult-use cannabis business.

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Cannabis Business Guidance in Pennsylvania

Phase 2 of the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program was implemented in early 2018. The state announced 13 more cultivation licenses on July 31, 2018, bringing the total number of companies allowed to grow and process medical cannabis in Pennsylvania to 25. An additional 23 dispensary licenses and 8 clinical registrant licenses were awarded. Each dispensary permit allows for three locations, so a total of 150 commercial dispensaries could be operating in Pennsylvania.

Medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania gained access to flower form of the plant in 2018, although only for vaporization, as state law forbids smoking marijuana. Two new conditions, anxiety and Tourette's syndrome, were added to the qualifying condition list in 2019.  These exciting additions to the medical marijuana program continue the expansion of an already successful program.


Market Conditions in Pennsylvania

The 5th most populated state is poised for rapid growth -- more than 900 physicians have registered to participate in the program and over 100,000 patients have registered for the state's medical marijuana program. Sales reached $132 million in the first year of the program (2018) and are expected to rise to $446 by 2024.

The additional licensing permits awarded Phase 2 bring Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program up to full capacity, with 25 commercial growers and 50 dispensaries.

In Pennsylvania, medical marijuana is grown and processed into pills, oils, lotions, and tinctures, and then shipped to dispensaries. The Pennsylvania Health Secretary has announced that the state will allow the sale of medical marijuana in flower form for vaporization (the law forbids smoking it). Medical marijuana is available to qualifying patients to treat 23 debilitating medical conditions.

Canna Advisors Client Opens First Dispensary in Philadelphia

Canna Advisors had the pleasure of working with Restore Integrative Wellness Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to obtain a medical marijuana business license. It is always inspiring to see our efforts of building the cannabis industry by bringing responsible, patient-focused businesses to market paying off.

Restore opened the first dispensary in Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood and will open another location in Elkins Park.

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