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Minnesota Adult-Use Legalization Signed into Law

After an active 2023 legislative session on adult-use bills, the governor signed the bill that landed on his desk that is backed by strong voter support.


Start Planning Your Minnesota Cannabis Business Now

 Advance planning is time well-spent for those planning to apply for a license in Minnesota. Cannabis entrepreneurs who take the early step of starting business planning and financial modeling now will hold a competitive advantage when more details and applications become available.

Let our Minnesota cannabis consultants who have helped clients win cannabis licenses across the country guide you through early planning for your cannabis business.

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How to Apply For An Adult-Use License in Minnesota

Since adult-use legislation made its way through the approval process, these are other top actions to take now before you can officially apply for a cannabis business license in Minnesota:

  1. Start business planning and financial modeling
  2. Build community relationships and support
  3. Complete foundational steps before the application is released
  4. Start planning your team of cannabis experts
  5. Watch for regulations
  6. Be ready to apply as soon as the application is released

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What is the Adult-Use License Timeline in Minnesota?

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The timeline starts now. With legalization taking effects on August 1, 2023, the state will need more time to finalize the adult-use regulations and application details.

Even with the anticipated 12-18 month timeline, the preparation window will pass quickly as gathering the required documentation, teams, and showcasing your qualifications is always a heavy lift. That’s why we emphasize "start now."

Our team of cannabis and license application experts have worked in 38 states and can read between the lines to map out a clear plan of early action while others are stuck waiting.

What is Required to Apply for a Minnesota Cannabis License?

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An Office of Cannabis Management will be established and will be responsible for regulating the market and issuing cannabis business licenses.

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Minnesota Residency and Ownership Requirements

Minnesota residency is required for individual adult-use license applicants.

Business applicants must be incorporated in the state and business entity applicants must be at least 75% owned by Minnesota residents.


Adult-Use License Types and Application Scoring in Minnesota

15 license types will be established for adult-use in Minnesota, including a new "mezzo" license


Cannabis License Application Requirements

  1. Address and legal property description of the business
  2. Documentation showing legal possession of the premises where the business will operate
  3. Diagram of the premises, including a security drawing
  4. Security plan details
  5. Business plan showing:
    1. Expected size of the business and anticipated growth
    2. Methods of record keeping
    3. Knowledge and experience of the applicant and any officer, director, manager, and general partner
    4. Environmental plan
    5. Other relevant financial and operational components
  6. Labor peace agreement attestation signed by a bona fide labor organization


Adult-Use License Selection Criteria:

The number of licenses issued will be "enough to ensure sufficient supply"

Vertical Integration would be prohibited, with few exceptions

The office shall award points to each completed application in the following categories:

  • Status as a social equity applicant
  • Status as a veteran applicant
  • Craft cultivation
  • Security and record keeping
  • Employee training plan
  • Business plan and financial situation
  • Diversity plan
  • Labor and employment practices
  • Knowledge and experience
    environmental plan


Other License Criteria And Future Developments:

Applicants living in low-income neighborhoods and military veterans who lost honorable status due to cannabis-related offenses would qualify as social equity applicants

Check back often for updates on progress of Minnesota’s adult-use legislation and remember to start planning sooner rather than later.

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