5 Tips for Cannabis Dispensary Operators

5 Steps to Complete Before Opening Your Cannabis Dispensary

In the weeks leading up to your cannabis dispensary opening, there are five things every dispensary owner should be sure to complete. Most of the heavy work — like facility design, staffing, and order fulfillment planning — is done, but the tasks below shouldn’t be overlooked before you open your doors.

Top 5 Tips for Cannabis Dispensary Openings

  1. Mobilize a design team and finish construction. Ensure workflow efficiency and security installation is implemented effectively.
  2. Hire qualified staff and train them onsite. Provide them with an industry-specific Employee Handbook.
  3. Select, train, and implement POS software and cash management workflows well ahead of time. Also, make sure you secure solid banking relationships.
  4. Prior to stocking, have a soft opening. Identify inefficiencies and implement changes so you have mitigated mistakes on opening day.
  5. Schedule an assessment. Have a third party audit your compliance before and after you open.


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