California Local Cannabis Licenses: Deadlines and Expected Application Releases

Quick Run-Down of the Latest Updates for Local Cannabis Licenses in California Markets:

Updated for Q1 2021:

26 local municipalities are poised to offer licenses in early this year including Corona, Sacramento, Benicia, Costa Mesa, Encinitas, Pomona, and Solana Beach.

With such an active season in California for local cannabis licenses, it can be hard to identify your best opportunities and keep track of the timelines. Our expert team — with numerous wins in local California markets — can help you wade through the details and deadlines and prepare your best shot at a winning application.

Q4 2020 Deadlines in Place: Start Your Application Now

Stanton: Due October 29.

4 each of each license type: Retailer, Storefront Sales Retailer, Delivery, Distributor, Distributor-Transport Only, Testing Laboratory, Cultivation, and Manufacturing.

El Centro: Due November 13.

Highly competitive license application process. Issuing up to 2 Retailer/Cannabis Storefront Business licenses.

Imminent Application Releases: Start Your Business Plan and Financial Model Now

Fresno: Expected in October.

Competitive round of cannabis business licensing, with social equity element. Up to 14 Retail licenses, plus Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distributor licenses. To qualify as Cannabis Social Enterprise: “A cannabis business in the city that incubates and/or employs individuals of the disadvantaged community that the organization sits in.”

Standard cannabis applications are due December 4. Social equity applications face various deadlines.

Read more: Fresno preps for a spring to issue marijuana dispensary licenses

Santa Barbara: Releasing “after September 22”.

Deadline in Mid-October. Application period open only 7 days.

Expected to be extremely competitive, with 6 total Retail licenses and up to one (1) license per Community Plan Area (CPA).

Concord: Expected October 5.

Competitive applications for 3 Retail, 3 Non-Storefront Retail (Delivery), and 2 Microbusiness licenses

Novato: Expected early October.

Competitive applications for 2 Manufacturing, 2 Indoor Cultivation, 2 Testing, 3 Microbusiness, and 1 Distributor-Only licenses. Some unlimited licenses for Non-Storefront Retailers.

Fairfield: Expected in “Fall 2020”.

Application period open only 45 days. Issuing 2 Retail Storefront licenses.

Contact us for details on these other local California cannabis applications:

  • Los Angeles / Anaheim
  • Corona / Palm Springs / Riverside / Hemet / San Jacinto / Desert Hot Springs / Coachella
  • San Bernardino

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