California Local Cannabis Licenses: Deadlines and Expected Application Releases

September 28, 2020

Quick Run-Down of the Latest Updates for Local Cannabis Licenses in California Markets:


With such an active season in California for local cannabis licenses, it can be hard to identify your best opportunities and keep track of the timelines. Our expert team — with numerous wins in local California markets — can help you wade through the details and deadlines and prepare your best shot at a winning application.

Deadlines in Place: Start Your Application Now

Stanton: Due October 29.

4 each of each license type: Retailer, Storefront Sales Retailer, Delivery, Distributor, Distributor-Transport Only, Testing Laboratory, Cultivation, and Manufacturing.

El Centro: Due November 13.

Highly competitive license application process. Issuing up to 2 Retailer/Cannabis Storefront Business licenses.

Imminent Application Releases: Start Your Business Plan and Financial Model Now

Fresno: Expected in October.

Competitive round of cannabis business licensing, with social equity element. Up to 14 Retail licenses, plus Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distributor licenses. To qualify as Cannabis Social Enterprise: “A cannabis business in the city that incubates and/or employs individuals of the disadvantaged community that the organization sits in.”

Standard cannabis applications are due December 4. Social equity applications face various deadlines.

Read more: Fresno preps for a spring to issue marijuana dispensary licenses

Santa Barbara: Releasing “after September 22”.

Deadline in Mid-October. Application period open only 7 days.

Expected to be extremely competitive, with 6 total Retail licenses and up to one (1) license per Community Plan Area (CPA).

Concord: Expected October 5.

Competitive applications for 3 Retail, 3 Non-Storefront Retail (Delivery), and 2 Microbusiness licenses

Novato: Expected early October.

Competitive applications for 2 Manufacturing, 2 Indoor Cultivation, 2 Testing, 3 Microbusiness, and 1 Distributor-Only licenses. Some unlimited licenses for Non-Storefront Retailers.

Fairfield: Expected in “Fall 2020”.

Application period open only 45 days. Issuing 2 Retail Storefront licenses.

Contact us for details on these other local California cannabis applications:

  • Los Angeles / Anaheim
  • Corona / Palm Springs / Riverside / Hemet / San Jacinto / Desert Hot Springs / Coachella
  • San Bernardino

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