Cannabis in Texas Needs You

Contact Your Legislators in Texas to Support Cannabis Legalization

To say Texas offers a mixed bag when it comes to cannabis would be an understatement. Last year, five municipalities approved decriminalizing cannabis, adding to some of the larger metropolitan areas of the state like Austin and El Paso which have done the same. The state, however, still regards cannabis as being illegal and possession a prosecutable offense. The Lone Star State only allows medical use with products containing less than 1% THC with a doctor’s approval along with the use of some CBD products. This restriction is coupled with the fact that cannabis prosecutions have dropped significantly in recent years.  At least cannabis is moving in the right direction, thanks in no small part to activism.   

Individual Voices Make an Impact

At the start of this year, 37,000 signatures were submitted to place a measure on the San Antonio ballot in May for decriminalization.  More recently, the Texas Department of Public Safety has just opened an application period for its medical cannabis program under the Compassionate Care Act that is open until April 28, 2023.

With all that is happening in the state, there are still ample opportunities to make your voice heard about creating a better framework out of all the confusing and conflicting state laws. This legislative session can prove to be fruitful if enough pressure is added to enact necessary change. 

Take 10 Minutes to Speak Up for Cannabis in Texas

To make action as easy and quick as possible, we have included links for the full roster of every single member of the Texas legislature which includes their name, district, phone number, and email.

Find Your Legislators & Contact Information

You can find these rosters here for Representatives and here for Senators.

Not sure who your local Representative or Senator is? We’ve got you covered! You can find them using this link which takes less than 10 seconds to use and only requires your address. 

Once you know who to contact, we have even included language below on what you can say to them to support a framework for adult-use cannabis in Texas.

Here’s Your Script for a Call or Email:

All you need to say or write is: 

“Hello, my name is (Your name) and I am a constituent of yours. I wanted to inform you of my support for adult-use cannabis legalization and hope you will vote in favor of legislation doing so this legislative session. Thank you!” 

Just three sentences, but these sentences can go a long way. 

Don’t delay and let your voice be heard, now! 


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