Connecticut Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis

Connecticut Joins The Ranks of Adult-Use Cannabis

Update: February 2022:

The state has opened applications for adult-use licenses. Qualified retail applicants will enter a lottery system to apply for a provisional license. The first round will remain open for 90 day and award 12 licenses: six to general retailers and six to social equity applicants.

Governor Lamont signed SB 1201 today after working for over a year with the legislature to bring legal cannabis to the Constitution state. We are overjoyed to see Connecticut join the ranks of rationality by becoming the 19th state — 20th if you count Washington DC — to legalize adult-use cannabis! 

Connecticut’s medical program was an early adopter, and the program has thrived over the years. Massachusetts, to the north, has had adult-use cannabis for years, and many of the 3.5 million Connecticutians are likely excited that they will no longer be forced to drive there, then engage in illegal activity to return to their home. (It is important to note that it is—and will remain until federal action—illegal to drive across state borders with cannabis.)

Rollout Phases for Adult-Use Cannabis in Connecticut

The Connecticut adult-use law has several phases and steps, but let’s cover a few highlights:

  • Possession – Next Thursday(!), July 1, 2021: 21 year-olds and older can have 1.5 ounces on their person, and up to 5 ounces at their house, or even in their trunk. (The law also allows for the glove box, and while this is not legal advice, it’s a wise plan wherever you are to always put cannabis in your trunk.)
  • Convictions -Soon, certain cannabis-related convictions that occurred between January 1, 2000, and October 1, 2015, will be automatically erased. Nonqualifying offenses will still require petitioning.
  • Regulations – Soon, they will begin working on the regulations for the entire program.
  • Growing At Home (Medical) -Starting October 1, 2021, medical patients may grow three mature plants and three immature plants at a time in their homes.
  • Application Deadlines – Late 2021—early 2022, there will be an application process for Connecticut adult-use cannabis business licenses, as they plan to begin retail sales by the end of 2022.
  • Growing At Home (Adults) – Starting July 1, 2023, all adults over 21 may grow three mature plants and three immature plants at a time in their homes.

Let’s Build The Connecticut Cannabis Industry

Congratulations Connecticut!

If you’re interested in starting a business in  “The Land of Steady Habits” it’s not too early to get started! Get in contact if so, and we can discuss your options or have a look at our State Guide to Cannabis For Connecticut

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