Micro Cannabis Business and Micro Trends in Delaware

The Micro Cannabis License Boom Is Here

One of the most popular licenses offered by state cannabis governing bodies is the microbusiness license. They come in all shapes and sizes (yes, even micros come in various sizes!) and have become critical to the current state of cannabis operations, offering a welcome alternative business model to the usual tiered options. Here we’ll take a look at the larger micro trends nationwide, some of the sizes of types of microbusinesses, and honing in on one of the most exciting states for micro cannabis licenses: Delaware.

National License Trends For Cannabis Microbusinesses

We at Canna Advisors have been in the business a while now and have seen the larger cannabis industry at its highest highs (pun intended) and lowest lows. But a constant through this has been the increasing prevalence and general interest in micro licenses. 

Let’s look at this trend and compare a mature state with a new one. Colorado offers a variety of cannabis licenses in its retail dispensary and medical market, but doesn’t offer a single numerated microbusiness license. Compare this with an upcoming adult-use cannabis state like Minnesota which is offering both a microbusiness and a mezzobusiness license. Or look at New York’s Cannabis Program, which similarly offered a microbusiness license in its latest application licensing round at the tail end of last year (and continues to issue more and more licenses with each passing month). Meanwhile, in March, Maryland’s Cannabis Program issued 174 licenses to social equity applicants, of which 56 of them were for micro growers.


Introducing Delaware’s Microbusiness Licenses

Now, on to one of the most exciting cannabis states we’re working in: Delaware. The Office of the Marijuana Commissioner will be offering applicants the chance to apply for a micro cultivation or a micro processor license.

Similar to Maryland, a Delaware cannabis microbusiness cannot employ more than 10 employees. They also must have 51% ownership and control by one or more individuals who have resided in the state for at least five of the past 10 years, will not operate a facility larger than 2,500 square feet, and would not process more than 1,000 cannabis plants monthly.

License Rules and Regulations

These microbusinesses would be valid for two years and has a discounted application fee of $3,000 along with a discounted license fee of 40% of the applicable open license fee. Like the other license types, which will be able to be submitted later this year, applicants will need to submit a business plan, an environmental and sustainability plan, and attestations affirming that the applicant has a labor peace agreement with a bona fide labor organization. 

As more and more micro licenses are variations on them are issued nationwide, so do the qualifying requirements for such and the careful restrictions put in place to secure such a desirable license. The state is “on track” to have adult-use retailers open in March 2025 with some of the first licenses for some 60 cultivators being issued in October.


Apply for a Microbusiness License in Delaware

Suffice to say, micro cannabis licenses are growing in popularity with each passing year with no sign of slowing down. Canna Advisors has a long history of securing standard cannabis licenses and micro cannabis licenses wins for prospective business owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a micro license, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly or book an hourly consultation. We’re eager to assist with getting prospective Delaware applicants across the finish line and have their qualifying applications entered into the state’s cannabis license lottery.

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