Small State Cannabis Staffing: Delaware Has A Short Supply

Why Delaware May Have A Limited Supply of Cannabis Experience

Delaware is small, but the state’s new adult-use cannabis industry is expected to grow exponentially. This is a surprise to absolutely no one! The state’s tiny status comes from both a geographic and population perspective. At 96 miles long and a scant nine miles across at its narrowest point, Delaware also has a population of just over one million people—smaller than the population of Dallas. 

But with a smaller state comes fewer cannabis experts locally and those who are willing to start a business or join a new one. This is where it’s important to look for and identify the best resources the state has to offer, given the limited supply for reputable industry professionals.


How to Find Cannabis Industry Knowledge

One of the most difficult aspects of entering a small cannabis marketplace for the first time is finding individuals who already have cannabis knowledge. The first place to look is at the current state’s marketplace. Given that Delaware has had a medical market for over a decade, there are individuals and businesses who are familiar with cannabis in the state. That’s great for new businesses trying to break in with the adult-use market. But how do you adequately find that cannabis industry knowledge? It’s one thing to know that there is talent out there, it’s another to nail it down and have them join your team.

Offering Fractional Job Roles

What often happens in smaller markets is a need to look at fractional job roles as a source of cannabis business staffing. There’s only so many individuals to go around and sometimes fractional roles such as for compliance or accounting can lend themselves to business support. Fractional roles can help reduce overall payroll and benefits costs (which are often some of the highest costs associated with running a business) and can allow for more flexibility when finding individuals who can bring their cannabis knowledge forward.

Working with Talent Acquisition Companies: H2 Talent

A great option that’s available to people is to work with a staffing and hiring company. H2 Talent, for example, is a search firm that specializes in finding talent exclusively for the cannabis industry. H2 Talent not only has access to cannabis professionals across the country, but also those professionals with transferrable talent and previous successes in other industries. One of the key advantages of working with hiring a business to help address your staffing needs is that the onus is no longer on you. They’re the experts on sourcing and identifying key talent to address your individualistic business needs, freeing your time to keep your focus on your business’ operations.  Having a talent partner on your side can not only help in finding the most qualified professionals for key roles, but also reduce your overall work and stress load.

Leveraging Vendor Needs for Your Cannabis Business

Supply and demand needs are always a major factor in any cannabis market, but they’re magnified when it comes to smaller markets like Delaware. The supply of vendors and the demand for such are at all-time highs (pun intended) with these small cannabis markets, and being able to find a business manager or at least a consultant that can assist with identifying the best vendors for all your business needs is paramount to the overall success of your business. 

This is particularly the case when it comes to initial licensure and capitalizing on a first mover advantage. The last thing you want is to be so close to the finish line and then stalled for opening because of a fall out with a construction vendor, or delays for finding security equipment, or an unfamiliarity with financial modeling and business planning.


Working with Consultants to Expand Your Vendor and Staffing Network

In working with a cannabis consultant like Canna Advisors, you can tap into our vast network of Delaware based and focused vendor list that can help address all your business needs. In addition, you can work with industry professionals on the Canna team who can assist with financial modeling, business planning, and license pursuits. Delaware may be a small state, but the potential is enormous if you have the connections, resources, and strategy backing you. Reach out to Canna Advisors to discover the potential of Delaware’s market and what you can do to ensure your team will lead you to success.

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