How to Write a Cannabis License Application

Can Someone Write A Cannabis Application For Me?

Attempting Your Own Application Is Risky

Hooray! The state you want to open your cannabis business in is finally opening its application licensing window. You go online and look at the application. Seems simple enough! You quickly fill everything out, do a once over for review, hit send and…application rejected? What happened? Doing this on your own is what happened. 

Unforeseen Application and Regulation Changes Can Be Costly

Each state is different when it comes to cannabis licensing. However, an overarching theme we have found over the years is the desire for prospective license holders to go at the application process on their own. Some argue that this is the most cost-effective route to go when applying, but in many ways this may be the most costly decision a license seeker can make. That’s because they’re more likely than not to stumble into a complicated web of regulations, rules, ordinances, and statutes without knowing exactly what a state is specifically looking for. This is true even if it may appear that the state has laid everything out for you. Often times, states and cannabis governing bodies change their minds. They will make amendments, updates, or alter requirements, in the worst case scenario even at the mid-point of an application period. 

So, what are you to do if you don’t want to risk rejection? Don’t go at it on your own. And here, we’ll dive into exactly why.


We’re Going to Need a Faster Writer

Application Length and Timelines Require a Team

We have seen applications and plans necessary for submission range anywhere from one page to over 1,000 pages depending on the state and license type. Each state varies on their respective requirements but typically we have seen states require at least a plan (such as a business plan) which showcases the qualifications of the applicant. If someone wants to stand out, it may be in their best interest to have someone else write this and other plans for them. 

Application windows often are not long, so it may take time for a writer to do this, and many applicants are working other jobs or have different responsibilities. They may just not have the time to write a qualifying plan on their own. And it would be better to submit robust plans written by cannabis expert than hurried plans which may not pass muster.


The State Wants What Again?

In writing application materials, it’s vital to know what the state or the cannabis governing body wants. This is easier said than done, because often cannabis regulations and rules change, especially across newly legalized cannabis states. Sometimes even statutes are updated and modified by legislatures. If someone isn’t staying on top of everything that’s been promulgated, they risk submitting information that may be out of date or contradictory to what the application reviewers will be looking for.

This is where a consultant or cannabis expert can help as their job is entirely devoted to knowing what the state has been doing and what they expect in submitted materials.


Cannabis Applications Are Not Easy But There Is Hope

How to Put Your Best (And Maybe Only) Foot Forward

Most states have a limited number of application windows. Some only have one. This is why it’s vital when submitting an application that it’s in the best shape possible, because there may not be an opportunity to do so again. And even if there is, this opportunity could take months or even years. Yes it would likely cost some funds to get professional help with a license, but it could cost the chance of opening up a business to begin with if a less than satisfactory application is submitted instead. 

All of this is to say, when planning to submit an application, be sure to get some help. The workload, time, and regulations associated with the application process can’t be overlooked and it never hurts to at least have professionals assist with your needs. 

Contact Canna Advisors to begin utilizing our decades of experience in the industry to put your best foot forward in your cannabis business planning and licensing. Have questions on an existing application? Be sure to Book an Hourly Consultation.

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