Legislative and Licensing Update: Week of April 26, 2021

In cannabis legislative and licensing action for this week, big news came out of Ohio with 73 new dispensary licenses opening up.

Sumer Thomas, Senior Project Manager, gives the rundown of the top need-to-know news from state and federal actions related to cannabis programs.


Big news in Ohio, as the Board approved increasing the number of medical dispensary licenses by 73, which will bring the total number of dispensary licenses to 130. The request for applications is expected to open this spring or summer. 

This is all happening as Ohio representatives prepare legislation to fully legalize so there’s lots to look forward to in Ohio! 



Thirteen fortunate businesses last week won a lottery to run marijuana dispensaries, farms, and processing operations in rural Arizona counties. Each applicant paid a nonrefundable $25,000 fee for the chance to win. The state collected about $9.4 million from the applications.



Alabama passed a bill last week to expunge convictions for nonviolent misdemeanors and minor offenses, such as for low-level marijuana charges. 



The Denver City Council approved legislation allowing marijuana delivery services and social consumption areas and also lifted the cap on licenses within the city, all with a focus on promoting social equity.



in Florida, There was a blow to cannabis progress last week, as proposed legalization initiative language was struck down because it would “Permit” cannabis without a mention of the federal illegality. Also, the City of Miami is being sued in state court by a hopeful dispensary owner. Though state law would allow the dispensary, Miami argues that cannabis is still federally legal and is submitting the question to a federal court to opine. 


New Jersey

New Jersey marijuana regulators held their second public hearing Thursday with little if any new information. Attendees were noticeably disappointed that the panel would accept questions and comments but not answer any on the call. 


New York:

In neighboring New York, the Assembly majority leader said she expects the state’s new Cannabis Control Board will be appointed and up and running by this summer. 



Virginia had a fancy signing ceremony for their newly passed cannabis legalization laws last week, but don’t get confused. The market isn’t set to open for a couple years, with licensing in 2023 and sales starting in 2024.  



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