Legislative & Licensing Update: June 16, 2022

New York, New York, New York: Updates all around the Empire State.

Anticipated announcements in New Jersey, Mississippi rules and applications, movement in Germany and Guam. Plus progress and setbacks in cannabis legalization from coast to coast.



NCIA and Canna Advisors Opportunity Tour last week stopped in Rochester, Albany, and Brooklyn last week to share tips on entering the NY cannabis market and how to get involved in advocacy. NY’s Office of Cannabis Management was also in attendance. See the coverage from HoneySuckle Magazine.


Dozens of cannabis farmers in New York are in the process of ripping out cannabis crops following a surprise guidance letter that limits total usable land – including paths and vegetating crops – to no more than one and a half acres. 

Albany, New York‘s mayor is encouraging people to apply to serve on the local Cannabis Advisory Committee. 


In Germany, officials are taking the first steps to legalize cannabis nationwide this week. Should make for an impactful ICBC conference in Berlin in July—reach out to Canna’s Brian Hart if you’ll be there. 


Mississippi: Regulators published final rules on medical cannabis cultivation and processing facilities. 

Mississippi regulators announced that less than a week after launching the state’s medical cannabis registration portal, more than 1,800 people have already signed up. 

Mississippi’s Cultivation, Processing, Research, Testing, and Disposal business license applications are available via the online portal and accepted on a rolling basis. Dispensary applications will open on July first. 


New Jersey’s next cannabis commission meeting is on June 23rd where they’re expected to approve yet another batch of new licenses. 

The Washington DC Council passed a bill to prohibit employers from firing employees for using cannabis or failing a cannabis drug test, except in safety-sensitive positions, though the measure excludes those in the D.C. court system and the federal government.

Delaware lawmakers voted to uphold the governor’s veto of a simplified marijuana legalization bill, even though the bill previously had enough support to overturn the veto.

The Moffatt, Colorado Board of Trustees is considering changing the town’s name to “Kush.” 

Guam‘s cannabis industry regulations will soon take effect after the territory’s Senate took no action to modify the proposed rule set during a 90-day review period. At an upcoming cannabis control board meeting on June 6, regulators are expected to share a timetable for applications and licensing.

Starting August 1, Oklahoma will institute a two-year moratorium on new applications for medical cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary business licenses. 

Nevada regulators will hold a public hearing on rules for cannabis consumption lounges on June 28. 

Los Angeles, California regulators began accepting marijuana social equity individual application verification requests and they have an upcoming lottery. 

Detroit, Michigan officials began awarding the first recreational marijuana business licenses in the city. 

Recreational cannabis is back on the ballot in South Dakota. 

Lastly, Harborside will change its name to StateHouse Holdings as part of an integration with three companies they purchased. 


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