Local New York Consultants Are A Must For Cannabis Licenses

Utilize Local Consultant Support To Prepare A License Application Now

Interested in joining the cannabis market in New York? Local cannabis consultants are your ticket to getting a head start on one of the most sought-after markets in the country while anticipating bottlenecks before they happen. After no shortage of cannabis program delays and lawsuits in the Empire State, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the release of applications for prospective New York adult-use cannabis licensees. Now that we can anticipate some major updates, including finalized regulations at or around Labor Day, it’s the perfect time to start (if you haven’t already) preparing a winning application. You may even be running a little behind!

Annual Applications Will Be First-Come First-Served

We know New York will be reviewing annual applications on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it’s crucial for prospective applicants to have everything ready and organized for submission on the first day the application window opens to take advantage of the first-mover basis. This is why, even more so than other states we have worked in, it’s vital to work with a cannabis consultant based in New York. 

New York’s Cannabis Economy Will Create Unprecedented Competition

While New York has been a hotbed of controversy and frustration with its adult-use roll out, the state is still poised to be a dominating force in cannabis, not just in the United States but internationally as well. As one of the major centers of commerce in the United States and with over 61 million tourists annually, New York is a prime destination to open up shop. We’ve been heartened by recent reports of enforcement action taken against the illicit market, which has worried some initial prospective license seekers about applying and trying to compete with the grey market. This should help pave the way for what BDSA reports as a potential $2.7 billion marketplace by 2027.

Stand Out With Help From New York Experts In-State

Being able to stand out against the competition will be tough, as is navigating the lengthy regulations, which is why working with businesses and individuals who are already imbedded in New York is essential. The ones who have on the ground, in-depth knowledge of the state will have a better understanding of what the Office of Cannabis is looking for as they grade applications and will be more in-the-know about the needs and wants in a successful business operation. 

Canna Advisors: Award-Winning New York Cannabis Consultants in A New York Office

While our reach is global, we are proud to have our own New York City office along with an extensive network of trusted New York vendors including attorneys, accountants, real estate firms, and security vendors which allows us to have the connections individuals need to have to thrive and often can’t make headway on their own due to the intense amount of competition in this marketplace. With a New York based team and vendors list, we have the expertise and hands-on knowledge required to navigate the complex regulations associated with the application process and offer financial modeling, business planning, and narrative application materials that will put people head and shoulders above the rest.

Local Consultants Ready to Launch Your New York Cannabis Business

The time to start strategizing your license application is now. While we continue to keep an active read on the emerging New York cannabis program, our local consultants are on-the-ground and ready to get put your business idea into motion. Don’t wit until final regulations are released. Get started now to outpace the competition and leverage the decades of experience of our local New York team.

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