New York Cannabis Applications Requirements

282 Pages of New York Draft Regulations Have Arrived

What will be required for a New York state cannabis application? The short answer: We don’t know, exactly. Most states include a sample application in the their draft regulations. New York did not do that.

The longer answer is that our New York cannabis consultants can read between the lines because of our extensive track record of winning licenses across the US and internationally for clients. We have picked the draft regulations apart and know what you can do now while others wait.

Bob Wagener from our NY office provides more details in this issue of “Quick Answers” series for how to apply for a New York cannabis license application.

Regulatory, Licensing & Cannabis Expertise is Required

Instead of slogging through the 282 pages yourself, allow our regulatory, licensing, and cannabis experts walk you through the key requirements that we have picked out of the draft. The amount of information and detail to compile is signifiant and will require a heavy lift.

Business entity information, background checks, and property information are just the beginning of what NY applications will require.

Regulations Emphasize Business Planning

Business plans and financial models that are cannabis-specific will be the core of business planning requirements in the New York  adult-use license application. Above and beyond typical business planning from the ground up, successful applicants will also need to prepare and provide thorough community impact and community involvement plans to stand out during the review and approval process.

Operating Plans for the NY Application are Extensive

The NY adult-use draft regulations also emphasize an extensive group of operating plans – from security plans and recall plans to testing plans. 

The best advice of our winning license team is: Don’t wait until the application is released. Start compiling these details with experienced resources now.

Based on the size and complexity of what we can already see, every day counts in preparing to stand out during the application review process.

Contact our NY cannabis consultants to schedule a consultation and start your license application work now.



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