The New York Cannabis License Application Portal Is Now Open

A Big Day In Cannabis – Apply Through New York’s Online Portal

It’s finally, at long long LONG last arrived! The application portal for the bulk of the adult-use cannabis licenses in New York is open. This portal will be open until December 18th. After the first thirty days of the window being open, the Office of Cannabis Management (“Office”) has said they will begin reviewing retail cannabis applications which have a property already secured. While a property is not necessary to apply for this provisional retail license, it is required for cultivators, processors, and distributors. 

About The New York License Application Process

The sample application portal that we have had access to since the last Cannabis Control Board meeting on September 12 has indicated that this application will be relatively straight-forward with approximately 70 items which need to be addressed, including a few forms, documents, and supplemental materials required for submission. Securing this provisional license will then pave the way for an application to secure an operational license, which individual provisional licensees will have a year to do so.

Newly Released FAQs Shed Light on Requirements and Limitations

Just days before the application portal was set to open, the OCM released a slew of FAQs on their website answering long awaited questions regarding the anticipated number of licenses that will be awarded and property requirements. According to this recently released document, the OCM is anticipating to issue at least this amount of licenses per category:

  • Retail Dispensary: 500 – 1000
  • Microbusiness: 220
  • Indoor Cultivation (Tier 1): 20
  • Indoor Cultivation (Tier 2): 20
  • Processor (Type 1: Extracting, plus all activities of Types 2 and 3): 55
  • Processor (Type 2: Infusing and blending, plus all activities of Type 3):
  • Processor (Type 3: Packaging, labeling, and branding, including for the
    performance of white labeling agreements only): no allocation limit, Office
    will review on a rolling basis
  • Distributor: 30

Keep in mind, these numbers are just estimates and the OCM has the authority to award as many licenses as they see fit. Additionally, they advise against applying for a cultivator, processor, or distributor license if you do not already have a property secured. Though it is possible to apply without property information, these applications will not be considered eligible for a license.

Having a provisional license does not mean an individual can begin cannabis cultivation, processing, or retail operations and will need to submit to the Office additional plans such as an Energy and Environmental Plan and an Operating Plan. 

Board Chair Tremaine Wright probably said it best at the last meeting— “A friendly reminder: This is just the beginning, and we have a long and exciting road ahead.” 


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