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Getting Started in a New Cannabis State: 4 Steps to Take Now

Not all state legislation is created equal and behind the excitement of cannabis legalization is a complex set of regulations and competitive factors. Learn our 4 universal steps to take when cannabis enters a new state.

Industry education, advocacy, goal setting, and business planning are all critical first steps to success in the cannabis industry. Get insights into proven methods from our experts who have worked with clients to win cannabis licenses and start cannabis businesses in 31 states and internationally.

Webinar Topics:

  • Learn what it really takes to prepare your cannabis license application
  • Identify key elements in your timeline — including the ones that are often overlooked
  • Build your resources and reference points that will put you ahead of your competition
  • Understand how and why to engage your local community and local officials
  • Consider factors for finding your best fit in the cannabis industry
  • Learn the one early step that builds your foundation

Webinar Blitz: What’s Next in Applying for a Cannabis License?

State-specific insights for cannabis licenses in New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Virginia.

November’s elections set off a flurry of new states legalizing cannabis and entirely new opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs.

The best advice from our team of cannabis licensing experts is to START NOW. Don’t wait until your state releases full program details or regulations to take the first important steps.

Our 30-minute webinars were designed to give you the very latest insights and the best steps you can take now. We cut to the chase in these quick-paced sessions and share tips from our experts who have helped clients in 31 states and internationally.

New Jersey Cannabis – Webinar Recap

The New Jersey cannabis market was featured as the first of the “Blitz” series. New Jersey has helped create a domino effect for additional east coast legalization and will continue to remain a powerhouse in the adult-use market.

New York Cannabis – Webinar Recap

New York is set to be the crown jewel of east coast cannabis and a state filled with both complexity and high competition. Come learn how to get ahead in the growing market.

New Mexico Cannabis – Webinar Recap

The west wins again! In this webinar, we tackle another great region of the country to help you get a foothold in the New Mexico cannabis market.

New York Adult-Use Licensing – Webinar Recap

We collaborated with Falcon, Rappaport and Berman PLLC to bring you a well-rounded “boots on the ground” approach to winning a cannabis license in New York. Learn how your cannabis brand can stand out.

Connecticut Cannabis Licensing – Webinar Recap

Connecticut has its own set of complexities, but we’re no stranger to this market, In fact, our first-ever client was in Connecticut and we helped them win one of the first four cannabis licenses in the state in 2014. Our team shares insights on Connecticut adult-use licensing types, the complex lottery system, social equity provisions and criteria, taxation, and local jurisdiction specifics.


Virginia Adult-Use Licesning – Webinar Recap

Video not available. Download the slides here and review our guide to Virginia cannabis.

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