Starting a New York Cannabis Business? What to Work on Now

Cannabis Application Work For New York Starts Now

Don’t be tricked into thinking there’s enough time to apply. The leg work for winning a cannabis license in New York starts now and our VP of Business Development, Bob Wagener brings insights from being on the ground in our New York office and from helping clients win licenses across the country.


Gather People, Resources, and Real Estate

New York state is well known for its competition for staffing, resources, and especially real estate. Starting the discovery phase now can mitigate unforeseen scarcity and competitive pressures down the road.

Community Engagement Is Crucial

Speaking to the need for understanding your community, engaging with them, and making sure you have their backing and commitment prior to application.

Pursue Investment Over The Coming Months

The next two to three months should be dedicated to investment development so your application is as comprehensive as possible…in higher competition markets like New York, finances can make or break license wins. The state is searching for the best and we want you to be one of them…

Partner With Consultants Who Can Shoulder The Work

Speaking to the time and resources available to do all this. Multiply your team of advocates by partnering with Canna Advisors. We’ll help in the office and on the ground to make sure you’re dialed in and ready to go when the application window opens.

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