Top 12 Cannabis Cultivation Mistakes – Dirty Dozen

12 Cannabis Cultivation Mistakes to Avoid

With over 100 combined years of cannabis industry experience, Canna Advisors has seen almost everything when it comes to mistakes made in cultivating cannabis. Contact our cannabis cultivation experts today if you need help with your cannabis business!

The Dirty Dozen

1. No Experience РThinking a horticulture degree and/or background equates to cannabis growing experience.

2. Improper Facility Design – Lack of proper facility design: if your overall design, layout, and equipment don’t work cohesively after you are operational, it’s too late.

3. Variable Genetics – Obtaining unstable genetics from breeders.

4. Improper Nutrition – Over/under nutrient application and watering of plants.

5. No Solid Timeline – Inconsistent cycled cultivation and harvest timelines.

6. Unsound Methodology РImproper propagation methodologies.

7. No Pest Management – Growing without an established integrated pest management schedule.

8. No Field Testing – Operating without a field-tested nutrient regimen for cannabis cultivation.

9. Unbalanced Controls – Not understanding the tight balance between environmental controls, fertilization, integrated pest management, watering, along with the correct personnel training and initiative required to address the balance.

10. No Relationships – Not establishing a strong network of, and relationships with, equipment suppliers.

11. No Preparation – Waiting until the last minute to address operational issues such as safety and compliance regulations, plant health, and equipment failures.

12. Deprioritizing Inspections РNot understanding the payoff of setting the bar as high as possible during your first inspection.


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