Cannabis Quality Conference: Missouri Medical Marijuana Application Case Study

September 29, 2020|1:15pm - 2:00pm Eastern

Show Me Medical Cannabis! Case studies in Missouri clients’ wins and woes

Attendees will learn how to avoid common pitfalls from a case study analysis of the Missouri application process.

What helped applicants win? What caused applicants to lose points? How do attendees apply these learnings to their own application?

  1. Learn the basics of the medical marijuana application process
  2. How to plan for success
  3. Learn how to avoid property woes, with real world examples
  4. Gain insights on building your team to maximize points
  5. Learn about key phases where funding is critical and allocating funds for the most impact
  6. Understand how project and time management can be your “secret sauce”


    Greg Huffaker, Director of Client Services

    Victoria Trusty, Senior Account Manager

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Boulder, CO



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