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Canna Advisors CASA Sales Advisory is a team of expert sales executives and leaders solely focused on helping you build and scale the most successful cannabis brand. CASA has gathered the most successful sales executives in the industry to provide you with the playbook on how to be a top-selling in each market in the US. 

You must be a sales driven organization in order to succeed. We help you get there. 

Sales leadership is our ethos. CASA Sales Advisory creates sales-driven brands with sales as the core philosophy for success. With a wealth of knowledge about all key markets in the US, we advise your brand on all things sales including best in class sales training, proven sales playbooks, sales strategies, and how to position yourself as a top-selling brand in all markets. 

We work with internal sales teams, co-manufacturer sales teams, or licensees of your brand to help increase sales, open doors, and make the right strategic decisions.


How to Develop Cannabis Product Sales Strategies That Work

The CASA Approach to Cannabis Sales

We believe every department in the company is instrumental in generating sales. We provide you with the most experienced and successful sales executives in the industry to help you make instrumental strategic decisions and build your company around sales. 

The CASA Sales Advisory team works with each area in your cannabis wholesale business to build a sales-driven brand:

  • Founder / Executive Team Synchronicity - Every Department Focuses on Sales
  • Operations and Distribution Sales Strategies
  • Manufacturing and Cultivation Product Strategies
  • Finance and Sales Coordination, A/P Relationships, Terms, Account Practices
  • Sales Strategies, Department Buildout, Sales Culture, Execution of Strategies, Revenue Projections
  • Sales Software and Systems to Use for Increasing Sales

Top 5 Factors of Cannabis Brand & Sales Success

Get expert guidance on key questions in pre-opening, post-opening, and ongoing support to build, scale & cement your place in adult-use and medical cannabis markets.

The CASA Sales Advisory team provides cannabis wholesalers guidance on these critical questions: 

  1. What cannabis products to focus on
  2. How to launch to brand and products
  3. How to maintain margins
  4. How to succeed in a competitive and saturated markets: both adult-use and medical
  5. How to build the most effective sales and marketing strategies


When to Work with CASA Sales Advisory:

Pre-Operational Cannabis Brands

Hire CASA on a project-basis to build out your sales strategies and ensure a successful brand launch 

Operational (3-6 months)

Hire CASA on a project-basis to help implement sales methodologies and strategies to scale and cement your position in the market 

Hire CASA to fix and revamp existing sales strategies 

CASA Fractional Sales Executive (Ongoing)

Hire a CASA sales executive to support your brand as a fractional CRO, SVP of Sales, VP of Sales, or Head of Revenue on an ongoing basis

Top 5 Factors of Cannabis Brand Success


Proven Success & Strategies for Wholesale Cannabis Sales

The CASA team of expert sales executives and leaders bring proven success in these cannabis industry sales roles:

  • Team of CRO’s, SVP’s, VP’s and Heads of Sales 
  • Sales executives with 6 of the #1-ranked brands n their categories over the past 5 years
  • Responsible for $500+ million  in brand wholesale revenue over the past 5 years 
  • Hired and managed hundreds of cannabis salespeople across the US 
  • Designed, implemented, and executed winning sales strategies on both the East and West Coasts 
  • Multiple successful exits built through successful brand sales 


Our team of cannabis wholesale and sales consultants can build the "8 S's of Cannabis Sales" in your organization:

  1. Sales Competitions
  2. Store Visits
  3. Staff Training
  4. Strategy
  5. Sell-Through Support
  6. Sampling
  7. Statistics
  8. Salesmanship


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