Kenzie Gobillot

Marketing Manager

Kenzie organizes and manages all marketing campaigns, website updates, blogs posts and much more to keep the Canna name one of the top in the industry. With a degree in Journalism from the University of Umass Amherst, Kenzie offers a unique marketing perspective based in storytelling and human interest. Kenzie has been in the cannabis industry for 5 years, starting as a budtender in Massachusetts (her home state) and using her operational experience to enter the world of application after moving out to Colorado in 2021.

After working with various consultancies as a contract writer, Kenzie began working at Canna Advisors in 2022 as the Business Development Administrator, assisting sales with new client outreach and organizational management. In what felt like a natural transition, Kenzie took over the marketing department in early 2023, overseeing email campaigns, blog posts, website management, and much more to keep Canna’s story and experience on everyone’s radar.

When she’s not in the Canna office or working from her home in Lakewood, you can find Kenzie lounging by the Golden Creek, hitting happy hour at a local Denver restaurant, or dancing with friends at electronic shows across the city.


Boulder, CO



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