Michael Werner

Senior Business Development Manager

Michael Werner identifies and qualifies business opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. He works with our clients to determine goals and design paths to success, which often includes market analysis, financial modeling, strategic planning, and brand development.

Michael has degrees in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin, and over the last decade, he has co-founded, served as an executive, or consulted for businesses of all sizes in the real estate, consumer products, professional services, and technology industries. Whether starting up a local storefront, or expanding a national brand, Michael has a proven approach to implementing efficiencies, mitigating risk, and putting an organization’s best foot forward.

A professional interest in the plant’s economic and agricultural impact, as well as a personal interest in its medicinal benefits and cultural influence, is what drew Michael to the cannabis industry. When not empowering cannabis entrepreneurs, Michael enjoys live music, gardening, intramural sports, and imbibing the Colorado environment (figuratively while hiking, biking, and camping; literally while brewery-hopping).

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Michael’s Blog: Earning a Cannabis Business License — Putting Some Soul in Your Spreadsheet


Boulder, CO


P: 720-708-3154info@thinkcanna.com

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